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More Efficient Precast Bonding? Use Hot Melt

More Efficient Precast Bonding?  Use Hot Melt

Whether you are cladding a retaining wall for landscaping, installing a reveal, building out structures on a farm or dock, or erecting form liners on a public works project, precast concrete is the name of the game. If you work with precast concrete, you know that affixing structural and architectural elements to the form can be costly and frustrating without the right tools.

That is where comes in. Our trifecta of hot melt glue guns take the guesswork – and the costs – out of bonds for concrete substrates, chamfers and structural and architectural elements like foams, wood, plastic and weld plates. Forget hours of drilling and expensive, time-consuming bolts – and forget tape, too. These Power Adhesives products give you the ability to precisely position and bond precast parts, with maximum protection against shear and superior strength during the set-up and pour stage. Hot melt glue guns make your job easier (and faster) than any other bonding system in the industry. Let's take a look:

The TEC 3200. Our personal favorite of the trifecta, the TEC 3200 is also the best value – a hot melt glue gun perfect for most mid-to-high volume jobs requiring precast bonds. It puts out eight pounds of hot melt adhesive per hour, has a robust temperature control module and because it's not pneumatic, you don't have to lug a big air compressor (and its attendant generator) around with you.

The TEC 6100. If you have an extraordinarily high volume of work, try this heavy industrial glue gun. A big brother of sorts to the TEC 3200, it puts out nine pounds of low or hot melt adhesive per hour, is air-assisted (you will need an air compressor for this one) to create an effortless user experience, and is endlessly customizable with a variety of nozzles and accessories – meaning it can handle the largest, toughest jobs, any time.

The TEC 6300. Just to torture the metaphor – if the 6100 is the 3200's big brother, then the 6300 is the 6100's fraternal twin. One of our bestselling pneumatic hot melt glue guns, this is the spray version of the 6100, which means the glue cools faster, making it the right choice for applying bonds to concrete substrates and other heat-sensitive surfaces without damaging them.

Power Adhesives designed all three of these hot melt glue guns for use with Casttec 42, the finest adhesive for precast concrete on the market today, which you can apply in dots, beads or a spray. That means that no matter where you are in the precast process, Casttec 42 is your go-to hot melt adhesive.

For the ultimate in quality, cost-efficiency and relief of worker strain, there is no better alternative for bonding precast concrete (and all of its attendant elements) than the TEC series.

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