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Dropping Some Hot Melt Knowledge

We are constantly trying to add blog posts that will help educate our customers. Over the years the blog posts below have consistently landed on our most read list. We compiled the top 10 blog posts all on one list for your convenience. Learn more about our brands and products in the posts below.

  1. High Temp Hot Melt vs. Low Temp Hot Melt
  2. Glue Stick Review | Plastics Hot Melt Sticks
  3. Gummy Glue | 3M 3798LM
  4. Polyurethane (PUR) Hot Melt
  5. Glue Gun Nozzles
  6. Bookbinding with Hot Melt and PUR
  7. Loctite Super Glue Equivalents
  8. The Ultimate 3M Hot Melt Glue Gun Guide
  9. Solid Surface & Countertop Installation
  10. Bulk Glue Sticks

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