Solid surface installation adhesives

We love to provide ideas on what glue guns and adhesives are right for your application. We have complied our recommended products for Solid Surface and Countertop installation. These products outlined below are key to the installation process: for templating, installing countertops, connecting countertops at the seams and dealing with joints.

Top Adhesives and Dispensing for Solid Surface Installation

Hot Melt Glue Guns

Cordless Glue Gun: This gun is perfect for installing granite and solid surface, running off of butane making it easy to take any where. You no longer need electricity to get the job done just throw this in your toolbox and you are good to go. It comes with 2 refillable gas cartridges and only takes 15 seconds to refill a cartridge with the standard butane canister. A full cartridge gives you approximately an hour and a half of run time and this gun dispenses 3.3 pounds of hot melt per hour.

TEC 820 Glue Gun: If you don't need a cordless gun on the job site we recommend the TEC 820 it only takes 2-3 minutes to warm up and can dispense 5.5 pounds of glue per hour. The temperature is adjustable and so is the trigger which allows you to get more or less glue per squeeze.

Hot Melt

Used for templating, connecting wood blocks for c-clamping seams and occasionally used for connecting the countertop to the plywood decking. using-hot-glue-to-template

Solid Surface & Countertop Hot Melt: This hot melt is perfect as it is general purpose in nature and bonds to hard and soft woods, ceramics, rigid PVC and polystyrene. This hot melt makes templating, connecting the underside of the countertop to the plywood decking or securing clamping points over seams making it possible to use c-clamps and results in perfect seams.

General Purpose Hot Melt: This economical hot melt is your basic general purpose adhesive, that would be adequate for templating for adhering blocks to use as clamping points over the seams.


Most commonly used in solid surface installation as it's bond is just as strong as the granite itself. Also is used to join two slabs for thickness or attach granite at seams where two pieces meet.

5 Minute Epoxy: This epoxy is a great choice, because it has an excellent resistance to water, salt spray, inorganic acids and bases and most organic solvents. It reaches handling cure in 3-5 minutes and a cures fully in 24 hours. This epoxy has been used for countertop installation with great success.


Used for caulking joints like where the backsplash meets the countertop, where the countertop meets the wall or for the underside of the countertop.
Silicon used in countertop installation

Industrial Grade Silicone: This Industrial Grade Silicone is perfect for countertop installation among a variety of other applications. This silicone is available in clear making it perfect for blending in to backsplash and along the wall.

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