Gummy glue hot melt removable adhesive

3M Scotch-Weld 3798 LM Gummy Glue

Gummy glue is a low temperature adhesive that you have seen numerous times in action. It is commonly used in marketing applications where one object (a sample, coupons, credit cards, etc.) is glued to another surface.

Where have you seen this removable adhesive in action? Do you remember peeling it off the back of your new credit card? Or off that sample of conditioner attached to your shampoo? These instances exemplify the key feature of Gummy Glue; it is removable and leaves no residue on a variety of surfaces. Gummy Glue is also referred to as fugitive glue, credit card glue, e-z release glue, and some even call it booger glue.

How To Use Gummy Glue

When applying gummy glue to a surface make a bond as soon as possible. Creating a bond quickly will minimize open time which maximizes the bond strength. There is no need to use clamps when applying Gummy Glue, after the bond is made it has an immediate hold strength. However, for clean removal from products it may need up to 24 hours of dwell time.

It is also important to note that the 3M Gummy Glue is a low temp hot melt so you must use the proper gun or dispensing unit. It comes in 3M size TC (5/8" X 2") or in bulk hot melt chips so you will need to use a 3M Low Temp LT Gun or set your bulk tank to the proper temperature.

See it in action below:

Credit card gummy glue


Gummy Glue (3M Scotch-Weld 3798 LM)

Recommended Gun:

3M Polygun LT

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