Choosing the Best Hot Melt Gun Nozzle for Every Application

Why Switch Your Nozzle?

If you’re using the standard nozzle that comes with your glue gun, your current application may be fine for various kinds of product assembly, packaging, woodworking, and crafts & hobbies. But, if you are unsatisfied with your current application and you need a more precise or specific application type for your project, then using a specialty nozzle is a great idea. Using a specialty nozzle for your commercial or industrial work will elevate your application and allow for your work to be finished more quickly, with a long-lasting result.

Deciding which nozzle will be best for your application purpose can be difficult. There are many options, some with only slight differences. In this guide, we explain the benefits of using different types of nozzles and what they are commonly used for, so you can find the perfect nozzle for your project.


Multi-hole spreader nozzles work great for creating precise lines or perfectly spaced dots of adhesive. This is ideal for packaging closure and applications where you need broad, even coverage. One of our favorite multi-hole spreader nozzles is the 3M 2 Hole Spreader Nozzle.

Another type of spreader nozzle is a flat spreader. These nozzles create a ribbon of hot melt over a larger surface area than a standard nozzle. A great flat spreader nozzle by 3M is the ½ Inch Slotted Spreader.

"T" Shape

If you need even more space between beads than the multi-hole spreader nozzles can offer, a “T” shape nozzle is a great option. For evenly spaced, further apart beads, the 3M “T” tip glue gun nozzle is a great option. There are also other “T” shape nozzles available with more holes for applications that require a wide ribbon of hot melt. The Infinity Bond 18 Hole Nozzle provides 18 streams of adhesive with effective dispensing.Spray Nozzle

Spray nozzles are unique because they only work on specific, spray glue guns. These glue guns have many uses including assembly and packaging, they can be used with foam, fabric, paper, cardboard, and custom pre-cast concrete molds. Spray nozzles provide flat, even coverage, and the nozzle you choose should be based off the concentration of glue you need. A good middle of the road applicator is the TEC Bond Medium Spray Nozzle. But nozzles also come in narrow and wide options.

High Volume Nozzles

For high volume or high viscosity flows, the 3M’s High Viscosity Valve is a great option. High viscosity nozzles are bets for applications when your adhesive is thicker than traditional hot melt. This type of adhesive is typically used in vertical applications to avoid the hot met running after application.

Fluted nozzles another type of high volume nozzle. It makes high viscosity hot melt easier to handle and adds greater precision to your work. Fluted applicators such as 3M’s .125” Fluted Tip, give you exact control over the diameter of adhesive you apply to any given location.


Extension nozzles are ideal for a variety of applications, like hard to reach spaces such as screw shafts or tight angles. An extension tip gives you additional reach without compromising precision. There are a variety of extension tips ranging from more traditional tips such as Infinity Bonds Extension Nozzle to more specialized angled tips such as Extension Angle Nozzle.

"L" Shape

“L” nozzles are designed for packaging and full overlap (FOL) cartons. They offer all the benefits of an extender, with the added flexibility of having a right angle. For hard to reach corners or small layered applications, the “L” nozzle will deliver adhesive exactly where it needs to go. Our favorite is the TEC Bond “L” nozzle.


Available in a range of sizes including needle point, flat point, and fine point. Precision nozzles are designed to deliver more precise application by filtering the adhesive through a larger, more traditional orifice to a smaller nose tip. The results are perfect for detail work or areas where less adhesive is desirable.

Do You Need a Check Valve?

Some nozzles require the use of a check valve, which securely attaches the nozzle to the hot melt glue gun. If your glue gun and nozzle set up is leaking excessively, it may be because of a worn-out check valve assembly. However, this is an easy fix, just make sure to warm up your glue gun before replacing the check valve. If a check valve is required for your nozzle of choice, check out the Infinity Bond check valve, which works well with Infinity Bond glue guns and a variety of Infinity Bond nozzles.

Getting the Best Results

Upgrading from your standard nozzle to a specialty nozzle for your application purposes is a big step towards a more efficient adhesive application. To make sure you’ll continue to get the best results from your products, make sure to keep it in good condition. Follow correct maintenance and cleaning steps to ensure that your nozzle is in the best shape possible so that you can get the right application each time.

Always replace your nozzles when you notice wear, chipping, or any other defects. Although nozzles are durable, constant wear can cause an inferior product if the damage goes unnoticed.

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