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Hot Melt Gun Nozzles Explained - How and When to Use Each

Hot Melt Gun Nozzles Explained - How and When to Use Each

Have you ever looked at your glue gun’s wide array of nozzle options and accessories and thought, “If it’s not broke – don’t fix it. My standard nozzle works fine?” If so, keep reading. Although your standard glue gun nozzle is made to get you through most projects, specialty nozzles elevate your adhesive application for more precise, nuanced work.  Using specialty nozzles for commercial and industrial work can speed up your job and ensure your work lasts longer.

If you can get on board with higher quality output, with less effort, now you just need to choose the right nozzle for the job.

When do I … use a Spreader?

Multi-hole or flat spreaders such as 3M’s 2 Hole Spreader Nozzle create precise lines or perfectly spaced dots of adhesive. This is ideal for packaging closure and applications where you need broad, even coverage.   

When do I … use a “T” Tip Nozzle?

“T” tips offer greater spacing than most spreaders, for a wide double row of hot melt. “T” Tips (think: 3M’s “T” Tip Glue Gun Nozzle) come in a wide variety of sizes depending on the spacing you need and the viscosity of your glue.

When do I … use a Spray Nozzle?

For flat, even adhesive coverage – ideal for fabric or paper and cardboard application – a pray nozzle is ideal. Depending on how concentrated you need the spray to be, you can choose narrow applicators (like TEC Bond’s Narrow Spray Nozzle), medium, or wide applicators (like TEC Bond’s Wide Spray Nozzle).

When do I … use a High Viscosity Valve?

Use a high viscosity applicator such as 3M’s High Viscosity Valve  when your adhesive is thicker than traditional hot melt. High viscosity hot melt is ideal for vertical applications when you don’t want your adhesive to run or melt.

When do I … use an Extension Tip?

For hard to reach spaces such as screw shafts or tight angles, an extension tip gives you additional reach without compromising precision. There are a variety of extenders ranging from more traditional tips such as 3M’s Brass Extension Nozzle Tip to more specialized tips such as 3M’s tapered Aluminum Tip.

When do I … use an “L” Nozzle?

“L” nozzles offer all the benefits of an extender, with the added flexibility of having a right angle. For hard to reach corners, or small layered applications, the “L” nozzle will deliver adhesive exactly where it needs to go. Our favorite is the TEC Bond “L” Nozzle.

When do I … use a Needle Nose Nozzle?

Needle nose nozzles – like Ad Tech’s Needle Nose Hot Melt Glue Gun Nozzle – deliver more precise application by filtering the adhesive through a larger, more traditional orifice to a smaller nose tip. The results are perfect for detail work or areas where less adhesive is desirable.

When do I … use Fluted Tips?

Fluted nozzles make high viscosity hot melt easier to handle and adds greater precision to your work. Offering similar effects as a needle nose nozzle, fluted applicators such as 3M’s .125” Fluted Tip, give you exact control over the diameter of adhesive you apply to any given location.

If this overview of specialty nozzles reveals one thing – it’s that you never have to settle for good, when you have great options for every project.