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When selecting an adhesive for any of your projects, you want to know you are getting the best product possible to avoid any construction mishaps. To help ease your mind as you make your selection, here is the lowdown on the best hot melt adhesive manufacturers. Whether you are looking to buy bulk hot melt, glue sticks, or PUR Hot melts, these trustworthy manufacturers are the best in the industry.

Bulk Hot Melt

Whatever it is you are looking to bond, there is a bulk option available to make your project more economical. These four hot melt adhesive manufacturers are experts at producing high-quality hot melt in budget-friendly quantities.

Infinity Bond

Infinity Bond aims to provide total adhesive solutions. When it comes to bulk hot melt, they have a wide range of quality products they split into four categories, making it easy to find what you are looking for.

Their E series adhesives are primarily EVA based and are ideal choices for the assembly of lightweight products and packaging. This series contains high-utility products that will work for most packaging applications, as well as more specialized adhesives. For instance, they produce a very popular adhesive that is FDA certified for indirect contact with food.

Their M Series adhesives are Metallocene-based, which means they provide high machinability and have outstanding heat stability. One of the major benefits of these hot melts is that they have little to no odor. If your adhesive may be left sitting in the pot for long periods of time, then selecting one of infinity bond's Metallocene adhesives is a wise choice. In addition to no odor and heat stability, the M series also contains a unique hot melt that goes above and beyond when it comes to food packaging. This versatile adhesive has been certified by the FDA for direct food contact, making it the perfect option for the food industry.

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Infinity’s F series adhesives are pressure sensitive hot melts. In this range, you can find some highly versatile permanent pressure sensitive adhesives. These bulk hot melts are high tack, allowing them to bond a variety of materials, including wood, glass, and metal.

In addition to general purpose adhesives, Infinity Bond also offers some highly specialized products. Looking for a bulk hot melt for golf club weighting? They have a product made specifically for that.

Their fourth range of bulk hot melts is the APAO series. These adhesives are often a better choice than polyamide adhesives because they offer high heat resistance and long open times. As you should expect from Infinity Bond, they offer some fantastic multi-purpose adhesives that can be used across a wide range of industrial applications, from woodworking to the automotive industry.

Whatever your project may be, Infinity Bond is sure to be a reliable choice.

Jowat Adhesives

This family-owned company has over 100 years of experience in the adhesives industry. During this impressive tenure, they have developed products that are used worldwide. For the bulk market, they have produced an excellent range of adhesives designed for edgebanding applications. With a full range of products that bond any material and come in a variety of color choices — black, white, brown, and natural — you are bound to find a high-quality adhesive that is tailor-made for your edgebanding needs.

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Rextac Adhesives

Rextac is a specialized adhesive company focused on APAO adhesives. If you are specifically interested in using an APAO adhesive, this is the brand to choose. You can trust that you will get a quality product suited to your needs. Rextac offers bulk adhesives with very long or very short open times — and everything in between. This will allow you to choose the optimal adhesive for your application.

APAO adhesives are a great alternative to much more expensive polyamide hot melts. Buying in bulk from a quality manufacturer like Rextac will help you save money while maintaining a high-quality seal.

The exceptional quality of the adhesives produced by Rextac is illustrated by the wide-ranging industries their products are used in automotive, textile, and electrical.

HB Fuller Adhesives 

HB Fuller is one of the oldest companies in the adhesives trade. Since 1887 HB Fuller has focused on everything adhesive, creating ways to innovate the adhesive market by producing superior products that provide solutions for all your adhesive needs. Since its humble beginnings, it has grown into a global company. With their wide range of brands, HB Fuller continues to provide high-quality products to customers all over the world.

In the bulk market, HB Fuller has added wisdom adhesive to its family. Wisdom mileage melt is a bulk hot melt adhesive designed to provide the most efficient product possible. Its innovative benefits — low adhesion costs with lower than average maintenance costs — have earned it a place in the HB Fuller line of trusted adhesives.

Hot Melt Glue Sticks

Glue sticks are a great choice for both industrial and home applications. Since hot melt glue sticks are so convenient, the market is flooded with glue sticks from many different companies. With so many options available, it is difficult to know which one to choose.

Fear not, we’ve done the research and come up with some companies that are always a safe bet. If you purchase glue sticks produced by any of these four manufacturers, you are sure to get a quality product.

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Infinity Bond

"Choice" is definitely the watchword of Infinity Bond when it comes to glue sticks. This is a hot melt adhesive manufacturer that has gone above and beyond to provide a product suited for any use their customers could conceive.

Some of the standout options include: FreezerPACK glue sticks, which provide a solid bond even in extremely cold temperatures; Templator glue sticks, an industry favorite for countertop templating; and Ultimate Colored Pack, which provides eight different shades of brightly colored glue sticks that are suitable for any purpose.


This family-owned business is committed to the continual improvement of its products. It might have been trading since 1968, but its products offer the most up-to-date solutions for your bonding requirements. This dedication is why you can find high-quality all temperature glue sticks that will provide a reliable bond at any temperature.

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In addition to general glue sticks, Surebonder is a name you can trust to provide the best adhesive for applying hair extensions or an excellent peel-able credit card glue. With its years of expertise, Surebonder is one of the best names in glue guns and glue sticks, making them a top choice whatever your industry.

Power Adhesives

Power Adhesives is a market leader in the development of hot melt glue guns and glue stick technology. In its 40 years of business, the company has amassed the knowledge and experience to produce quality glue sticks that are shaped by the industries that use them. Customers love the wide catalog of glue sticks optimized for specific uses.

TEC branded glue sticks are the product of intensive research and development from Power Adhesive's UK-based production facility. The state-of-the-art production methods, high levels of continued investment, and committed workforce make this glue stick one of the best out there.


AdTech is an adhesive company with some lofty ambitions. Its stated mission is "Elevating the gluing experience by applying science and applicator technology." Setting — and achieving — such an expansive and ambitious mission has propelled them to produce adhesives that are of truly superior quality.

Whether it is for industrial or consumer applications, you’ll appreciate how they have applied the principles of chemical engineering to adhesives that get results in any situation. What makes AdTech a company to really admire is that despite producing what is an undeniably high-end product, it has worked to remain efficient and offer a very reasonably priced range of adhesives.

An excellent example of the thoughtfulness seen across their whole range is Magic Melt 2030 glue sticks. This innovative hot melt is formulated to be applied at 225 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a much safer product to use because the low-temperature minimizes the risk of serious burns. Besides protecting the user, this low-temperature compatibility makes the product ideal for working with delicate materials like fabric and foam.


3M is a company that firmly believes in the power of science. They also think that power should be used to enhance our lives via the production of innovative and reliable products. They have applied this philosophy to 46 different platforms, one of which is adhesives. This range of work areas is one of the company's unique strengths. Since they have so many scientists working on such a wide variety of projects, they can innovate in ways that are not feasible for other companies.

3M have managed to build one of the most recognizable names in adhesive technology. Scotch tape has become so well regarded that it is often used as synonymous with adhesive tape. This same level of excellence has gone into producing 3M's Scotch weld glue sticks. They have produced a low-temperature hot melt adhesive that is aggressive enough to be a highly versatile product.

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PUR Hot Melts

If you haven't come across PUR hot melts yet, you may want to consider them because they have some benefits over more traditional hot melts. The key feature of these adhesives is that the bond continues to strengthen over time through a reaction with moisture in the air. Another advantage is their shelf life of up to two years, which makes them a flexible adhesive option.

Whether you are new to PUR hot melts, or have been using them for a while, you cannot go wrong choosing one of these hot melt adhesive manufactures who top of the list when it comes to quality adhesives.

Infinity Bond

Infinity bond has proved itself to be a highly trusted brand in bulk hot melts and glue sticks. It is continuing to build on its reputation for excellence with a move into the realm of PUR hot melts. The Infinity PUR range has been formulated to take the place of the now discontinued Titebond High PURformance line.

The three options provided by Infinity offer three different open times, allowing you to select the adhesive that will provide the level of flexibility your project requires. You can trust these PUR adhesives to bond wood and composites in place of nails and screws.


This highly regarded scotch weld brand can also be found innovating the PUR hot melt arena. In addition to developing a high-quality PUR adhesive range, 3M have put time and energy into developing a reliable and high-quality delivery system. Their standard PUR applicator can hold PUR hot melt at application temperature for up to 16 hours. When combined with their cartridge preheater, it creates a set- up designed to help you process high volumes of work more quickly.

This focus on efficiency continues throughout the formulation of their range of PUR hot melts. They have a variety of options, each designed to work optimally for a range of substrates. Their products have been so effective that 3M is fast becoming the bonding method of choice in the woodworking industry.

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Franklin Titebond

Franklin Adhesives and Polymers is a company that specializes in adhesives aimed at the woodworking industry. If your application is in woodworking, you can't do better than a Franklin product.

Its PUR products are sold under the reacTITE brand name. These adhesives have a low processing time and unbeatable durability, making them an ideal choice for door and window parts, as well as engineered flooring and other applications.


When it comes to PUR adhesives, Jowat is leading the market in innovation. Among the products that Jowat offers is an adhesive specifically designed for 3D membrane pressing and vacuum forming applications. This adhesive has been designed to utilize a cross-linking mechanism that allows for outstanding film formation, with added heat and water resistance.

If you are looking to complete an exterior project that requires the bonding of wood, stone ceramic, or metals, then Jowat has an innovate PUR adhesive for you. It does not require heating for application but still bonds exceedingly well and forms a waterproof seal.

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