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Infinity Glue Spots for Mailings, Product Assembly and More

Infinity Glue Spots for Mailings, Product Assembly and More

Glue Spots from Infinity Bond are one of the most dynamic adhesive products available in the hot melt and industrial adhesives industries. Glue Sports are small dabs of pressure sensitive hot melt that have been applied to a coated surface so they can be easily removed and applied to just about any surface.

They provide instant bonds and eliminate messes left behind by hot melt and liquid adhesives, residue left behind from film, tape, or webbing, and unpleasant adhesive odors. Glue Sports are a clean and safe alternative adhesive to utilize on your production lines, for mailing applications and tons of other applications.

Infinity Glue Spots now carries the full line of Glue Spots products from Infinity Bond. These products are available in various strengths, which are all designed to help you secure the quality adhesion you need without sacrificing production efficiency or draining your bank account. Let’s take a closer look at the various Glue Spots products offered by Infinity Bond at

1. Infinity Melt Low Tack Glue Spots

Infinity Low Tack Glue Spots are removable adhesive spots, the kind you often see in mailers when attaching a credit card or coupon to a piece of paper. These Glue Spots are easy to remove, won’t tear paper and leave no greasy residue. These are perfect for everyone from do-it-yourselfers to high volume mailing applications. Contact us for volume pricing!

2. Infinity Melt Medium Tack Glue Spots

Infinity Medium Tack Glue Spots are similar to their low tack counterpart but often used when more strength is needed. Still used heavily in marketing and mailing applications, these glue spots will still tear paper but give more strength to hold heavier parts in place (think key rings, USB sticks, etc). Again, we’ve got excellent prices vs competitive products and can offer volume discounts that can’t be beat!

3. Infinity Melt High Tack Glue Spots

Infinity High Tack Glue Spots enter a different application space. Customers use this when they want a semi-permanent bond. The High Tack glue spots will rip paper but won’t damage most substrates (think plastic, metal, glass, etc). These are meant to create a semi-permanent bond and are not recommended for applications involving paper or cardboard unless you are looking for a fiber tear upon removal. High tack glue spots can be used to create a temporary bond while a longer set adhesive is curing or for some product assembly applications.

4. Infinity Melt Super High Tack Glue Spots

Infinity Super High Tack Glue Spots are our strongest glue spot available. These are meant to create as close to a permanent bond as a glue spot will give you. This product is very strong and can be used to create great bonds between substrates. Again, this product moves into areas like product assembly and bonds intended to be permanent.

Glue Spots vs Glue Dots™

Infinity Glue Spots and Glue Dots™ are equivalent products with different names. The Infinity product is an exact match in quality that often comes in at a much better price point because you aren’t paying for a high overhead brand name.  

Industries and Applications

Infinity Glue Spots are used in a wide variety of industries, across an even wider range of applications. Their versatility and safety makes them great for small, in-home or office applications, arts-and-crafts projects, and larger industrial applications in industries like manufacturing and product assembly.


Perhaps the popular industry frequently utilizing Glue Spots is the packaging industry. Glue Spots maximize brand impact without sacrificing image or performance. They keep packaging labels facing forward and hold products, or items in place, and affix multi-packs prior to the shrink-wrapping process. Glue Spots are also used to secure medical and pharmaceutical packaging for safe delivery, regulatory compliance, consumer safety, and appropriate shelf life.

Assembly and Manufacturing

Glue Spots are used in manufacturing and assembly applications to aid in component fixturing. They form an instant bond for pre-positioning and holding items temporarily in place until the final assembly, or until the permanent adhesive has completely cured. Glue Spots can hold electrical components in place, secure gaskets, and bond wire harness sleeves before heat shrinking.

Food and Beverage

Another industry regularly utilizing dry-form adhesives is the food and beverage industry. Glue Spots perform several functions in this industry. They provide physical protection by securing product packaging; they extend shelf life by securing desiccants and reducing oxygen absorption, and they efficiently agglomerate small items together into one package.


Adhesive technology like Glue Spots is also commonly used as a wafer seal alternative that is used to secure mail without obstructing brand or imagery designs. They provide secure bonds that are easily removed in applications like mailing envelopes without leaving odor or residue behind. 

No matter what industry you are working in, Infinity Bond’s Glue Spots adhesive products can help make your business run more efficiently and save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year in production and maintenance costs. Even if you work in an office, a classroom, or need a way to get organized at home, Glue Spots has the answer for you. Call to speak to one of our courteous and professional staff members about questions or concerns regarding Infinity Bond Glue Spots at (877) 933-3343 today!