You're using too much hot melt. Don't worry, we can help. offers high performance hot melt stitching and dotting upgrade packages to your existing hot melt system. No tank changes. No hose changes. Just a simple, affordable way to use 50% less hot melt. Our upgrade packages can be added to any automated Nordson, ITW or Graco system in less than 3 hours and offers more reliable, longer lasting components. Click on any of the upgrade packages below to get pricing on an upgrade kit along with an estimate on how much less hot melt you will use.

Hot Melt Stitching and Dotting Systems - Use 50% Less Adhesive

Calculate Your Savings!

Use our online Hot Melt Dotting Savings Calculator to get your personalized, 60 second, no-obligation dotting savings quote!

Use Up to 50% Less Hot Melt

Become a hot melt savings hero. Use up to 50% less hot melt with the same or increased bond strength. It's not too good to be true, check it out!

No New Tanks or Hoses Required

No large capital equipment purchase required - use your existing Nordson™ tanks and hoses. You may even be eligible for a free upgrade.

Installation in Under 3 Hours

The entire hot melt dotting changeover takes less than 3 hours and we handle the entire process from start to finish.

The Big Guys Are Saving with Hot Melt Dotting - Why Aren't You?

Saving With Dotting Just Got Way Easier

Hot melt stitching and dotting used to be an expensive, complicated process and only used by "the big guys" doing hundreds of thousands of lbs per year in adhesive. Next time you open a box of crackers or 12 pack of soda, take a look at the packaging. Lines or Dots? Big brands are doing it and you should be too.

Let the experts at show you how simple implementing hot melt dotting can be using easy to understand, transparent pricing.

Calculate Your Hot Melt Savings By Upgrading to Hot Melt Stitching or Dotting

Curious how much a simple dotting or stitching upgrade could save you in adhesive? Fill out our fast and easy Hot Melt Savings Calculator to find out. If the potential savings is enough to look at next steps, we'll provide a complete hot melt dotting upgrade quote including estimated ROI. You may also be eligible for a free hot melt dotting upgrade by moving to a dot optimized hot melt. Let's go!

Nordson ProBlue Hot Melt Stitching and Dotting Upgrade Packages

Get pricing on upgrading any of the Nordson ProBlue hot melt tanks without switching out your existing tanks or hoses. The whole process takes less than three hours and will allow you to use up to 50% less adhesive in your end of line packaging or automated assembly application.

Infinity Bond superDOT Stitch and Dot Optimized Hot Melt Adhesives

The Infinity Bond superDOT line of hot melt adhesives have been formulated and tested for optimal performance with hot melt stitching and dotting systems. The superDOT hot melts provide a high quality, cost effective solution to almost any end of line packaging or product assembly application using a stitching and dotting equipment. Whether it's standard case and carton sealing or high performance freezer grade food packaging, we'v got you covered.

Standard Temp Packaging Hot Melt

Low Temp Freezer Grade Hot Melt

Standard Temp Freezer Grade Hot Melt

Standard Temp Metallocene Hot Melt

Low Temp Metallocene Freezer Grade Hot Melt

View All Stitch and Dot Optimized Hot Melts

Hot Melt Stitching and Dotting Resources

Hot melt stitching and dotting is a simple concept that can create huge savings in automated hot melt dispensing applications. Our goal is 100% transparency when it comes to pricing on upgrading existing systems or implementing new ones. We have created a number of resources, informational guides and customer testimonials to help educate our valued customers on the benefits and drawbacks of hot melt stitching and dotting systems.