Case and Carton Sealing Adhesives

When you are transporting your goods, you want to ensure that they make it safely to their final destination. Along with the packaging itself, you need an adhesive that is strong and durable enough to make it through transport and storage without coming apart along the way. Case and carton sealing adhesives are designed to get this job done.  

Pros & Cons of Case & Carton Closing Adhesives  

Tape is becoming a thing of the past when it comes to packaging goods. Many production lines are making the change to packaging adhesives and for good reason.  

In comparing tape versus hot melt adhesives for packaging, there are many benefits to case and carton sealing glues. These adhesives tend to be stronger as well as a lower cost. Case and carton sealing hot melt adhesives can also run continuously and are compatible with high-speed assembly for faster application time. For high-volume manufacturers, this can mean saving a lot of time and money. Some people also argue that glue gives a more professional look to the final packaged product.  

Of course, everything has its downfall. If applied incorrectly or under the wrong conditions, those carton and case sealing adhesives could also lead to pop-opens. Pop-opens can result in ruined products, unhappy customers, and lost money, especially when they occur frequently. Fortunately, there are ways to troubleshoot packaging pop-opens to try to minimize the occurence of these issues.  

Types of Case & Carton Sealing Adhesive Applications 

When looking for an adhesive to seal cases and cartons, it is important to take into account the temperature needs, the contents of the packaging, the packaging materials, and more. Because of the demanding number of applications and specific needs, there are numerous different case and carton sealing adhesives available.  

Food Safe 

One common type of case and carton sealing glue is food-safe adhesives. Traditional adhesives may have harmful effects if ingested. Food-safe products are designed to be safe for indirect contact with food.  As a result, these adhesives can be used to package numerous products such dry food packaging, kitchen equipment, food product labels, and more. Some of these adhesives are even safe for direct contact with food for applications where food contact is unavoidable. 

Recommended Product: ASURE® CC0530



Freezer Grade  

Frozen goods are another type of product often packaged with glue. For this application, the case and carton adhesives that are used need to be able to withstand the cold temperature throughout transport and storage. Traditional hot melts are not equipped for this type of application, so there are freezer-grade adhesives designed for this purpose specifically.  

Recommended Product: ASURE CC9416 

ASURE® CC9416 Freezer Grade EVA Metallocene Blend Packaging Hot Melt

Low Odor 

Some production lines also look for case and carton adhesives that are designated as low odor. These products not only avoid polluting the contents of the package, but also create a more enjoyable work environment.  

Recommended Product: Infinity Melt CleanPack 

Infinity Melt CleanPACK Low Odor Premium Hot Melt Sticks


We Want to Help  

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