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Infinity Bond Freezer Pack Freezer Grade Packaging Glue Sticks

Best Freezer Grade Hot Melt Glue Stick: Infinity FreezerPack Freezer Grade Hot Melt Sticks

Infinity FreezerPack is the only glue stick on the market formulated for case and carton closing for boxes that will be refrigerated or frozen. This aggressive, fast setting packaging hot melt is perfect for food applications and for boxes that will be exposed to cold temperatures in transit or storage.

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Common Questions About Freezer Grade Glue

When it comes to case and carton closing for boxes that will be in the refrigerator or freezer, traditional hot melt sticks aren't going to hold up the way that specialized hot melt for the freezer will. Because of the more extreme environment and difficult substrates, specialized freezer-grade adhesives are important to ensure a strong bond and to prevent pop-open boxes. 

Freezer-grade hot melt is typically used for food packaging applications that require the adhesive to set quickly and be able to withstand extremely cold temperatures for an extended period of time. Freezer packaging is often wax-coated or varished which makes it hard for traditional glue sticks to adhere to. Freezer-grade adhesives are specially designed to bond to these surfaces.