Agriculture packaging hot melt review offers a wide range of bulk hot melt and glue sticks that are perfect for packaging agriculture products. Agricultural packaging can be different than traditional carton closing applications because of higher humidity conditions, heavier package contents and coated stocks to help fight moisture. We're going to cover a variety of our most popular packaging hot melt products that fit the agriculture and food industries. All of these products are available in bulk discounts and we are happy to provide testing to prove the materials for your application.

Here are some of our 'Go-to' packaging adhesives

These bulk and stick formulations are low cost, high quality and provide excellent bonds to almost any type of cardboard or corrugated surface.

Why hot melt is better than tape for sealing agricultural boxes? It's cost effective, reliable and fast.

Is hot melt safe for being in contact with food? Packaging hot melt must be in compliance with FDA Regulation #21CFR175.105 for food packaging. FDA Regulations #21CFR175.105 means that the adhesive meets requirements for indirect contact with food. This requirement can be found on hot melt technical data sheets (tds).

What types of agriculture products are placed in hot melt sealed boxes? Hot melt is used for carton sealing both vegetables and fruit boxes. Hot melt isn't just used for agriculture products, but also pre-packaged food boxes.

Will cartons closed with hot melt withstand hot, humid climates? Hot melt does very well in hot climates. Different hot melt formulations are created to withstand specific environmental factors. Contact us if you have questions about a product that needs to hold up under extreme conditions.

Is hot melt suitable for vegetables and fruit that are frozen? Yes, we carry freezer grade hot melt that is great for carton closing freezer foods.

We understand that packaging isn't always about closing boxes. We also have agriculture packaging customers using hot melt adhesive to secure soaker pads to clamshell fruit containers, ideal for packaging berries. We work with our agriculture customers to find the best adhesive for their application. Give us a call 877-933-3343 if you have any questions about hot melt adhesives.

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