Nordson® ProBlue® 4 Glue Machine (Refurbished, Warranty)


Manufacturer Part #: NORDSON 1022230

Product Highlights

Brand: Nordson
Model: ProBlue 4
Condition: Refurbished
Rebuilt by:, part of APPLIED Adhesives
Warranty: 1 year / 6 months
Included: Core machine only (no hoses, applicators, etc.)

Note: Actual unit may differ from the photo. Photo includes 480V transformer base.

About the Nordson ProBlue 4 Glue Machine

The Nordson ProBlue 4 glue machine is a compact and efficient adhesive melter designed for seamless integration and ease of operation in small to medium-sized manufacturing environments. It offers user-friendly controls for straightforward operation and quick adaptation in production lines.

This system features convenient status and temperature monitoring, complemented by a low-level adhesive indicator for timely refills. Installation is simplified with elements like a compact sub-base for easy access to mounting bolts, quick-disconnect power and I-O plugs, and enhanced electrical access areas for hassle-free wiring.

Safety is a priority with the ProBlue 4, featuring an insulated tank design. It delivers consistent performance with its precise temperature control, making it an ideal choice for a range of adhesive applications.

Features of the Nordson ProBlue 4

  • User-Friendly Controls: Simple interface for minimal training and easy operation.
  • Convenient System Monitoring: Direct monitoring of system status and temperature.
  • Efficient Refill Notification: Indicator for when the tank is 50% full, ensuring timely refills.
  • Optimized Tank Design: Compact tank with three-sided access for easy filling.
  • Streamlined Installation: Includes a compact sub-base for easy mounting and quick-disconnect plugs for power and I-O.
  • Safety Focus: Insulated tank design to reduce the risk of burns.
  • Precise Temperature Control: Maintains consistent adhesive quality and application.
  • Suitable for Various Applications: Perfect for small to medium manufacturing and adhesive needs. 

Why Purchase a Refurbished ProBlue 4 from

Buying a refurbished Nordson ProBlue 4 from is smart for several reasons:

Affordable Pricing: Substantial cost savings as refurbished machines are much more affordable than new ones.

Warranty Protection: Benefit from a 1-year warranty, securing your investment.

Specialized Expertise: is part of APPLIED Adhesives, a leader in adhesive solutions in North America, offering comprehensive knowledge in adhesives and equipment. You'll have a single place for expert advice on your adhesive application.

Trade-In Program: Exchange your current Nordson machine for a refurbished ProBlue 4 or for credit towards new equipment.

Parts Accessibility: A broad selection of replacement parts available to manage maintenance costs effectively.

Dedicated Service & Support: Access to extensive on-site repair and maintenance services for Nordson equipment, ensuring consistent performance and minimal downtime. Services are available either on a one-time basis or through regular maintenance plans.

How We Rebuild Nordson ProBlue Melters

Nordson ProBlue 4 units from are completely rebuilt from the ground up. The machines are fully-tested and quality-checked prior to leaving our facility. Refurbished units come with a 1-year warranty overall, and 6-months on circuit boards.

Check out the video below to see a time lapse of a rebuild at our factory.

Repair Options for Your Existing Nordson Melters

On-site Repair
If you’re located in North America, our technicians can come to your facility to address problems with your existing equipment. Contact us today to get connected with a local technician.

Send for Repair or Rebuild
Ship your Nordson base unit to us. We’ll repair or rebuild the unit and ship it back. Warranty included. We can even loan you a replacement while yours is being repaired. For more information, visit the refurb program page.

Exchange for Refurbished Unit
We’ll ship out an identical, refurbished Nordson unit to you (like the one above), and you ship your old unit to us. You keep the already-rebuilt unit, which includes a warranty, and we keep your old unit. Check out the refurb program page for more details.

Alternatives to Nordson ProBlue 4 Glue Machines

If you have aging equipment that's starting to cause problems, another option is to replace it with something newer and more cost effective.

There are excellent options today, and we can help you identify the best solution for your application. Use the Ask a Question form below to connect with an equipment specialist.

Best of all, you can trade in your old Nordson equipment to us for a substantial credit toward any new system.

Have Questions?

Don't hestitate to contact us if you have questions about:

  • Purchasing a refurbished ProBlue 4
  • Getting your existing Nordson equipment rebuilt
  • On-site repair and maintenance options
  • Trade-in options for your existing Nordson equipment
  • Upgrading to newer, more cost-effective solutions

Send us your questions through the Ask a Question form below, or give us a call today!

OEM Part Number Option Price
NORDSON 1022230 2 Hoses / Guns / 230V $5,046.00
NORDSON 1022231 4 Hoses / Guns / 230V $5,390.00
NORDSON 1022237 2 Hoses / Guns / 480V $5,146.00

Questions about Nordson ProBlue 4? Our team of adhesive specialists can help. Submit your questions and we'll get you answers right away.

Genuine Nordson® Parts offers a selection of genuine parts for Nordson® glue machines, including nozzles, filters, hoses, applicators, and various spare parts. is not affiliated with the Nordson® Corporation. Nordson® is a registered trademark of the Nordson® Corporation

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