Meler Micron+ 5 Bulk Hot Melt Glue Melter - Configurable


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Product Highlights

Meler Micron+ 5: The Compact Powerhouse for Industrial Hot Melt Applications

Introducing the Micron+ 5: Precision and Power in a Compact Design

Discover the Micron+ 5, a part of Meler's innovative Micron+ series, designed for the modern industrial landscape. This compact melter is the epitome of precision, efficiency, and advanced technology, tailored for small to medium-scale operations requiring the highest standards in adhesive application.

Advanced Usability with Smart Control

The Micron+ 5 features a high-impact, resistant 7" touchscreen, renowned for its ease of use and quick programming. With a simple interface, multiple user profiles, and real-time monitoring, this unit significantly reduces training costs and enhances workplace efficiency. The common interface across all Meler units ensures seamless operation and integration.

Flexible and Configurable for Diverse Needs

Flexibility is at the heart of the Micron+ 5. It comes with two configurable outputs and inputs, with an option to expand to three. The removable HMI screen and integrated pattern controller adapt to various industrial requirements, making it a versatile choice for different adhesive applications.

Total Connectivity for Industry 4.0

Embrace total connectivity with the Micron+ 5. Remote control capabilities allow operation from any device, ensuring constant communication and control. With support for industry-standard communication protocols like Modbus RTU, Profibus, Profinet, and Ethernet IP, this melter is a true component of Industry 4.0.

Unmatched Energy Efficiency

The Micron+ 5 sets a new standard in energy efficiency, consuming up to 60% less electrical energy than competitors. This reduction in energy use not only lowers operational costs but also supports sustainable manufacturing practices.

Optimized for Safety and Maintenance

Safety and ease of maintenance are paramount in the Micron+ 5 design. The Cool Touch housing ensures operator safety, while the large, fully opening tank lid simplifies filling and cleaning. This design philosophy extends the unit's service life and reduces maintenance costs.

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