Graco InvisiPac HM25c Tankless Hot Melt Dispensing System - Configurable


Manufacturer Part #: 25C700

Product Highlights

  • Type: Bulk Hot Melt Tank
  • Brand: Graco InvisiPac

Graco InvisiPac HM25c Overview

Introducing the unparalleled Graco InvisiPac HM25c Hot Melt Tank, your perfect ally for effective, streamlined adhesive application in any industrial setting. This innovative hot melt tank is built with top-notch technology, promising unbeatable uptime, outstanding precision, and unrivaled safety. The InvisiPac HM25c delivers reliable, cost-effective adhesive application with a high-capacity design that's built to tackle the most rigorous production line demands. Its unparalleled melt and pump rate ensure seamless operation, even in the most demanding hot melt adhesive scenarios.

Designed with a tank-free, melt-on-demand system, the Graco InvisiPac HM25c minimizes adhesive degradation and maximizes productivity. The system melts adhesive precisely when needed, reducing char and optimizing adhesive quality. With this ground-breaking technology, you experience reduced heat-up times, lower maintenance needs, and higher production efficiency. The HM25c also boasts intelligent integrated controls, facilitating effortless monitoring and regulation of adhesive output. No matter the scale of your operations, whether in packaging, electronics manufacturing, or the automotive sector, the Graco InvisiPac HM25c Hot Melt Tank guarantees rapid, efficient, and superior quality adhesive application. Experience the height of adhesive technology today with the Graco InvisiPac HM25c.

Why is tank free better? Glad you asked. 

Traditional hot melt adhesive systems often utilize large capacity tanks that pre-melt large quantities of adhesive. While this design has its merits, it has a downside as it can lead to a longer heat-up time and the potential for adhesive degradation through charring. The resultant char can lead to clogged nozzles, high maintenance costs, and inefficient adhesive application.

The Graco InvisiPac HM25c Hot Melt Tank revolutionizes this process with its innovative tank-free, melt-on-demand technology. Instead of pre-melting and holding large amounts of adhesive, it melts only what is necessary for immediate use. This dramatically reduces the heat-up time, bringing your production line up to speed in record time.

The melt-on-demand feature ensures the adhesive is always fresh, thereby reducing char and potential clogs. It contributes to higher adhesive quality and system performance. This, in turn, reduces your maintenance costs as your nozzles stay clear, and your adhesive application remains consistent.

The tank-free design also enables the Graco InvisiPac HM25c to have a small footprint, perfect for production environments where space is at a premium. The compact design doesn't compromise on adhesive capacity though. It ensures a consistent adhesive supply, even in high-demand situations.

So, with the InvisiPac HM25c, you're investing in a smart system that optimizes adhesive usage, reduces wastage, decreases heat-up time, lowers maintenance needs, and maximizes overall production efficiency. Experience the future of hot melt adhesive application with the Graco InvisiPac HM25c's melt-on-demand, tank-free technology.

Available InvisiPac HM25c Configurations

4 200-240, 350-415 No
4 200-240, 350-415 Yes
8 200-240, 350-415 No
8 200-240, 350-415 Yes
4 400-480 No
4 400-480 Yes
8 400-480 No
8 400-480 Yes

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