Infinity CleanShot™ Self-Cleaning Applicator for Nordson® Hot Melt Systems


Replacement for: NORDSON 8503977

Sale price$1,559.00

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Overview of the Infinity Bond CleanShot™ Self-Cleaning Hot Melt Applicator

The Infinity CleanShot is a non-clogging, self-cleaning hot melt applicator for Nordson® hot melt systems designed to keep nozzles free of char (pieces of burnt adhesive), ultimately reducing maintenance and downtime.

Similar to Nordson® applicators, the CleanShot is fully rebuildable – each component can be easily replaced. But unlike Nordson® applicators, the CleanShot applicator and its replacement parts won’t break the bank.

To top it off, the Infinity CleanShot applicator is made in the USA with the highest quality standards.

Prevents Hot Melt Char from Clogging Your Nozzles

It may look like an average hot melt applicator on the outside, but inside is a hard-working cleaning mechanism that will hunt and destroy every piece of adhesive char trying to clog your nozzles.

The applicator features a needle-and-seat design that breaks up chunks of hot melt char into tiny pieces as the adhesive is dispensed. Fewer clogged nozzles means less maintenance for your team and smooth running production lines.

Works with Your Nordson® Dispensing System

The CleanShot applicator is designed to be fully compatible with Nordson® hot melt systems, including:

  • Nordson® ProBlue Series
  • Nordson® DuraBlue Series
  • Nordson® AltaBlue Series
  • Nordson 2300 and 3000 Series

Replaces Nordson® Blue Series and SureBead Applicators

The CleanShot applicator is an excellent replacement for Nordson® Blue Series® applicators, including Nordson® SureBead® applicators. is not affiliated with the Nordson® Corporation. All OEM part numbers are for reference only. Nordson® is a registered trademark of the Nordson® Corporation.

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