Groovtec 561 Long Open Time and Shock Resistant Drywall Hot Melt

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Manufacturer Part #: 561-15-300-ARA-BX05-GRT

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Product Highlights

  • Quantity: 11lbs & 22lbs Cartons
  • Use: Drywall Installation
  • Color: Brown
  • Options: 5/8" Sticks, 1.75" Slugs and Bulk

Long Open Time and Tough Shock Resistant Drywall Hot Melt

Power Adhesives Groovtec 661 is a longer open and tougher, shock resistant hot melt solution for assembling v-grooved profiles in drywall and plasterboard. Groovtec 561 is perfect for drywall applications that will be prone to temperature changes, high shock like shipping or where longer open time is needed. This adhesive is available in 5/8" hot melt sticks, 1.75" hot melt slugs and bulk hot melt forms.

Groovtec adhesives are formulated for bonding ‘v’grooves in plasterboard to create different prefabricated shapes and forms prior to installation.

Groovtec 561 is a part of a complete line of drywall and plasterboard finishing hot melts.

Compare To: 

  • PanelMax Hot Glue
  • Grabberman Hot Melt

Common Applications

  • Assembling V-Grooved Profiles in Drywall
  • For Use On-Site in Drywall Installation
  • For Use In Pre-Fab Workshops
  • Assembling V-Grooved Profiles in Plaster Board

All Groovtec Drywall Hot Melt Adhesives

* Panelmax is a registered trademark of Grabber Construction Products Inc. Use of the Panelmax name is for comparison purposes only.  


  • Speed of application: the adhesive is quickly and accurately applied using an industrial glue gun

  • Sets instantly: when the plasterboard is folded, there’s no clamping or drying time required

  • Strong bonds: tough bonds that are stronger than the plasterboard itself

  • No waste: unused glue in the tool simply remelts the next day

  • Primer free: just apply the adhesive straight into the ‘v’ groove

  • No shelf life: the adhesives are clean to handle and can be stored for long periods without risk of expiry

  • Solvent free: safe and easy to use

  • Cost effective: extremely fast, accurate, high quality finish

  • Reduced downtime: once the tool heats up there’s no downtime waiting for the adhesive to melt - the glue will melt on demand as the trigger is pulled

  • Speed of assembly: the fast application of the adhesive means that bonding the ‘v’ groove is quicker, and productivity is higher


TEC Bond Groovtec 523 Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

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