3M Scotch Weld Applicator EC




Variable Temperature
Variable Temp
Low Temperature
Low Temp
High Temperature
High Temp


  • Works With: 3m Q & LMQ Glue Sticks
  • Use: Heavy Duty
  • Brand: 3M
  • Part Number: 021200-89519
  • Options: Variable Temp

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3M Polygun EC Overview

The 3M Polygun EC hot melt applicator (glue gun) is 3M's highest volume, non-pneumaticglue gun able to dispense up to 5.5lbs of hot melt per hour. 3M's only higher volume hot melt gun is the Polygun II which is a pneumatic applicator. The Polygun EC is a reliable, industrial tool great for production environments and other extended use applications.

The Polygun EC is designed with an easy to use palm trigger to alleviate worker fatigue. This light weight glue gun can be adjusted to dispense both hot melt and low melt adhesives. The gun comes with 5 temperature modules with an operating range of 260-450°F. 

3M Polygun EC Glue Sticks 

3M Scotch Weld Standard and Low Melt Q & LMQ series hot melt sticks (5/8" X 8")

Temperature Module 1:  3762 LMQ, 3776 LMQ, 3792 LMQ
Temperature Module 2:  3762 LMQ, 3776 LMQ, 3792 LMQ
Temperature Module 3:  3762 Q
Temperature Module 4: 3738 Q, 3747 Q, 3748 Q, 3748 V-O Q, 3764 Q, 3792 Q
Temperature Module 5: 3731 Q, 3779 Q, 3789 Q

3M Polygun EC Accessories 

  • Heavy Duty Bench Stand for (EC, TC, LT) (Part # 021200-82418)

3M Polygun EC Nozzles

  • Mini Extension Tim .072" for all 3M Applicators (Part # 9725)
  • T-Tip for all 3M Applicators (Part # 9726)
  • L-Tip for all 3M Applicators (Part # 9727)
  • .070" Tapered Aluminum Extension for all 3M Applicators (Part #9785) 
  • 3 Hole Spreader for all 3M Applicators (Part # 9916)
  • 2 Hole Spreader, 1/4" Span for all 3M Applicators (Part # 9913)
  • .063" Fluted Tip for all 3M Applicators (Part # 9922)
  • .125" Fluted Tip for all 3M Applicators (Part # 9940)
  • .090" Fluted Tip for all 3M Applicators (Part # 9921)
  • High Viscosity Valve for TC, EC, PG-II (Part # 9729)

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