TEC Bond 420 General Purpose Sprayable Hot Melt



Works Best:

Bonds To Cardboard
Bonds To Fabric
Bonds To Foam
Bonds To General
Bonds To Plastic
Bonds To Wood


High Temperature
High Temp


  • Quantity: 22 lb Carton
  • Industry: Packaging & Upholstery
  • Options: 1 3/4" Hot Melt Slugs
  • Color: Tan
  • Part Number: 420-43-043-WEO-BX10-TEC

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Power Adhesives TEC Bond 420 Hot Melt Overview

This general purpose sprayable hot melt has a long open time.  This glue can be used for packaging, upholstery, vacuum formed foams and also cotton-back vinyl.  Spray hot melts are ideal for heat sensitive materials.  This hot melt can also be used in bead form and then is effective on a variety of plastics.  

Works with

TEC 6300 Pneumatic Spray Hot Melt Gun
TEC 7300 Multi-Load Pneumatic Spray Hot Melt Gun

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Power Adhesives TEC Bond 420 Glue Slugs Per Carton

  • 22 lbs of glue slug size 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" is approximately 198 glue slugs