How to use hot melt for precast - with video

Hey there! Today’s blog post accompanies our newest video. We don’t want to spoil it for you, so here’s a handy FAQ about hot melt, precast molding and the video: 

Isn’t there a risk of damaging architectural elements by using hot melt?

Actually, the opposite is true: Hardware fasteners present a much greater risk in terms of compromising the structural integrity of your architectural elements, and if you turn out to be a human being and make a mistake, you’re stuck with the scars that screws and bolts leave. Hot melt glue cools quickly, gives you a long open time to ensure your positioning is exact, and gives you unmatched protection against shear. 

What kind of materials can hot melt bond to precast concrete?

Reveal, chamfer, form liners, detail strips and weld plates, and structural/architectural elements made of foam, wood, most plastics and some metals.

My small business has a small business-sized budget. How am I supposed to afford new equipment?

Hot melt is more cost-effective over time than hardware fasteners.  It is also less expensive, long-term, than tape, magnets or silicone, and with hot melt, you don’t need a barrel of clamps, screw/nail guns, drills and other special equipment – all you need is one durable, long lasting glue gun, and we’re sure we’ve got one available that will fit your project and budget. Most importantly, you’ll save time on each project you undertake – which is the most valuable asset of all. 

I’ve heard there are some safety concerns with using chemical adhesives.

There’s a grain of truth in this, in that using any chemical (even water) incorrectly can be unsafe.  However, our products are very safe. They are solvent-free, so they don’t require special safeguards, and you’ll notice that in the video, none of us are wearing PPE, because it’s not necessary. It doesn’t take any more care and common sense to avoid an accident with hot melt than it does with any standard fastening equipment, and there is no special training required.

The guy in the red bandana has a sweet beard. How can I grow one like that?

You can’t. His undimmed hirsute luxuriousness is without peer.

Where can I learn more about hot melt and precast molding?

We’ve got a wealth of resources on our blog, including:

What if I have questions that aren’t on this list?
We’re happy to answer them, anytime. Contact us online or give us a call at (877) 933-3343.

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