CastTEC Precast Hot Melt Adhesive Guide –
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CastTEC Precast Hot Melt Adhesive Guide

CastTEC Precast Hot Melt Adhesive Guide

Power Adhesives CastTEC 42 Overview

Precast concrete just got easier with Power Adhesives Cast Tec 42 hot melt adhesive. This high performance spray or extrusion hot melt can be applied to foam, wood, plastic, and weld plates for mould bases. No need for using magnets, welding, double sided tape or drills and bolts - CastTEC hot melt is faster, easier and more cost effective. Use this hot melt for creating structural and architectural precast concrete.

The CastTEC hot melt adhesive requires no primers and sets almost immediately, it also has an excellent release from forms. This new TEC bond adhesive is revolutionizing the precast concrete industry.

CastTEC 42 Can Be Dispensed With:

Spray Applicators

Extrusion Applicators

The Casttec Adhesive is perfect for bonding detail strips and other architectural elements.

CastTEC 42 hot melt for Precast concrete applications

Precast concrete applications using hot melt - CastTEC 42