Top 10 advantages of precast concrete

All right, we'll admit it: We're nerds. We got into this business because we're passionate about helping people work smarter, not harder, and we are always on the lookout for new ways to do just that. That's why we consider it our solemn duty (and great pleasure) to bring you this article.

Workers in the construction industry may have some experience with hot melt and precast concrete for things like road barriers and stairs, but they may not understand many other benefits it offers. Without further ado, we present the Top 10 Advantages of Precast Concrete. Let's get started.

  1. Precast concrete withstands everyday use. There isn't a building in the world that doesn't take a little bit of wear and tear from everyday use. Precast concrete is tough enough to take the punishment.
  2. Precast concrete is weather-and-fireproof, and resistant to mildew and rust. Precast concrete never needs an umbrella, laughs in the face of floods and stands strong in fires. It also survives many more wintry freeze-thaw cycles than lesser building materials, which expand and contract and eventually wear down.
  3. Precast concrete becomes stronger with each day. There are viaducts in Europe that are centuries old that are not only still standing – they are actually stronger than they were when they were first built.
  4. Precast concrete can support heavy loads. If you need a building material that can handle heavy amounts of stress, point loads or weight, reinforced precast concrete is the only one that makes sense.
  5. Precast concrete can be thin, thick, heavy or light. Here's looking at you, architects: No matter what kind of structure you are looking to build, precast concrete can be customized to make it work. Need concrete that is thin and slender as a reed? No problem – and don't fret about weight, either. Precast concrete can be made so light that it floats.
  6. Precast concrete comes in a wide range of colors, including white and black. This one is for the designers. No matter what shade you are looking for, you can probably get it in precast concrete, and unlike paint, the color won't quickly fade and degrade in the sun.
  7. Precast concrete allows for a high level of precision and detail. Precision molds can create highly detailed precast concrete pieces, so feel free to get postmodern on your designs.
  8. Precast concrete can be painted or stained to change its color. Want low-maintenance color that will last? Staining is the way to go. Want some flexibility in the future for color options? You can paint precast concrete, too.
  9. Precast concrete goes up quickly onsite and reduces job site impact. Because precast concrete elements are made offsite, when they show up they are instantly ready for placement. Need an instant work platform? Need to save some storage space? You're covered.
  10. Precast concrete is locally sourced and environmentally safe. Precast concrete is a highly sustainable material that is made partly with recycled sources, like blast furnace slag from the iron and steel industries, and fuel ash from the coal industry, meaning its environmental footprint is minimized. It is also compatible with LEED guidelines. Best of all, with around three thousand precast plants in the country, you will likely be able to find a local manufacturer, keeping your money in your community and cutting down on delivery times.

Here is another way for workers in construction, architecture, design and engineering (along with us in the adhesives nerd club) to work smarter, not harder: Glue guns like Power Adhesives' TEC 3400, 6100 and 6300 are the perfect tool for affixing structural and architectural elements to precast concrete, like weld plates, wood and more.

The hot melt adhesives these guns dispense, like the Casttec 42 glue slugs, not only cost less, they provides a superior hold to other bonding methods like bolts and double-sided tape. There you have it – the Top 10 Advantages of Precast Concrete. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.

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