Top 10 advantages of precast concrete

All right, we'll admit it; We're nerds. We got into this business because we're passionate about helping people work smarter, not harder, and we are always on the lookout for new ways to do just that. That's why we consider it our solemn duty (and great pleasure) to educate you on the advantages of precast concrete and why you may want to consider it for your next project

What is Precast Concrete?

Before we can talk about the precast concrete benefits, you need to understand what precast concrete is. Precast concrete, also sometimes called pre-made concrete or prefabricated concrete, is made by pouring concrete into a preshaped mold off site. This concrete is left to cure in the controlled environment before the mold is removed, and the dry concrete is transported to the jobsite. Precast concrete products can include columns, beams, panels, slabs, stairs, walls, and much more.  

What Are the Advantages of Precast Concrete Construction?

Workers in the construction industry may have some experience with pre-made concrete and precast concrete adhesives, but they may not understand all the benefits. Here is our list of the top ten advantages of precast concrete, and why you should use it if you aren't already 

  1. Ability to LastOne of the biggest benefits of precast concrete is that it is long-lasting. There isn't a building in the world that doesn't undergo wear and tear. Precast concrete is tough enough to withstand everyday use.  
  2. Resistance to Environmental Factors – Precast concrete is weatherproof, fireproof, and resistant to mildew and rust. It can also survive more wintry freeze-thaw cycles than lesser building materials that will expand and contract before eventually wearing down. 
  3. Increased Strength Over Time  Not only is precast concrete strong to begin with, but also it becomes stronger with each day. There are viaducts in Europe that are centuries old and actually stronger than they were when they were first built. 
  4. High Level of Support One major advantage of precast concrete is that it can support heavy loads. If you need a building material that can handle heavy amounts of stress, point loads, or weight, reinforced precast concrete is one of a few materials that makes sense. 
  5. Adaptability Precast concrete can be thin, thick, heavy, or light. No matter what kind of structure you are looking to build, precast concrete can be customized to make it work. Need concrete that is thin, slender, and lightweight? No problem. 
  6. Multiple Color Choices This one is for the designersPrecast concrete comes in a wide range of colors including white and black. No matter what shade you are looking for, you can probably get it in precast concrete, and unlike paint, the color won't quickly fade and degrade in the sun. 
  7. Precision Another advantage of prefabricated concrete is that it allows for a high level of precision. Precision molds can create highly detailed precast concrete pieces, so feel free to get postmodern on your designs. 
  8. Ability to Be Painted Unlike some other materials, an advantage of pre-made concrete is that it can be painted or stained to change its color. Want low-maintenance color that will last? Staining is the way to go. Want some flexibility in the future for color options? You can paint precast concrete, too. 
  9. Low Jobsite Impact Another advantage of precast concrete construction is the impact on the jobsite. Precast concrete is immediately ready for placement and goes up quickly on site. Because precast concrete elements are made off site, they also help you save storage space at the jobsite.  
  10. Locally Sourced & Environmentally Safe Precast concrete is a highly sustainable material that is made partly with recycled sources including blast furnace slag from the iron and steel industries as well as fuel ash from the coal industry. Because of its makeup, its environmental footprint is minimized, and it is also compatible with LEED guidelines. Best of all, with around 3,000 precast plants in the country, you will likely be able to find a local manufacturer to cut down on delivery times. 

Getting Started 

If you want to take advantage of precast concrete, you need the adhesives and tools to go with it. The TEC 6100 pneumatic extrusion glue gun and TEC 6300 pneumatic spray hot melt gun from Power Adhesives are great tools for affixing structural and architectural elements to precast concrete like weld plates, wood, and more. The hot melt adhesives these guns dispense, like the CastTEC 42 hot melt, not only cost less, but also they provide a superior hold to other bonding methods like bolts and double-sided tape.  

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