Complete Guide to Henkel Loctite Technomelt Polyamide Hot Melts

Here at we offer a wide variety of Henkel Loctite hot melt adhesives. Henkel products are a prime choice for manufacturing needs due to their versatility, green strength, quick bonds, and integrity, among many other things.

Hot melt polyamide adhesives top the market in reliability and effectiveness. Technomelt polyamide comes in a range of options depending on what it's being used for, what qualities are important for the particular job, and even for aesthetic purposes.

For industrial purposes, the Technomelt brand is top of the line, and the polyamide formula offers benefits that appeals for those who are environmentally conscious, as well as for those who need a versatile product that affixes to a variety of surfaces.

What is Polyamide Hot Melt?

Polyamide is a synthetic product with a high-stretch capability, making it ideal for hot melt. The chemical process creates a super-tight bond that is highly effective. A polyamide hot melt can be used for a variety of applications and adheres to many surfaces; some even adhere to the ever-challenging PVC.

Polyamide hot melt is a solid choice for a variety of uses, including but certainly not limited to situations that need a hot melt which will stand up to grease or oil, a wide range of temperatures, an environment where there are acids or alkalis, or a setting where flammability is a concern.

Polyamides are particularly useful in industries such as automotive manufacturing, electrical work, and woodworking, just to name a few. Technomelt polyamide is used by electronics manufactures for creating protective covers for devices and wiring, as well as insulation. In woodworking, it is used for laminating furnishings or assembling a finished product. In the automotive sector, Technomelt is used for bonding, laminating, and assembling vehicles.

When is Polyamide Hot Melt a Good Choice?

When mechanical strength of a bond is a top consideration, polyamide hot melt is a superior choice compared to other polymers. Additional benefits include:

    • Work for a wide range of temperatures. The bond polyamides form holds up to extreme temperatures - anywhere from -76 to 266 degrees F.
    • Flexible open time - depending on which type you choose, polyamides can be open for 2 seconds to 2 minutes without impacting the bond.
    • Resistant to grease and oil - they can be used in many applications, including automotive and mechanical.
    • Resistant to chemicals - mild acids and alkalis won't cause the bonds to fail.
    • Oxygen barrier - the dried polyamide keeps oxygen from getting through, which can be useful to protect electronics and prevent oxidation.
    • Environmentally friendly - some polyamides are made from natural materials like castor or grape seed oil and are not petroleum based.
    • Reduced flammability - some applications require adhesives that won't catch fire easily.
    • Quick setting - you won't have to wait for a long time for polyamides to set or cure; they typically bond in seconds or minutes.
    • No mixing required. Polyamides come ready to use!
    • Low odor - many adhesives require the use of special fume hoods to reduce odor, but polyamides are not strong smelling and can be used in both residential and industrial setting.
    • Range of colors available - polyamide glue sticks come in several colors if you need to blend the adhesive color with the substrates you're bonding.

For some manufacturing settings, these features make polyamides a great substitute for adhesives like epoxies or acrylics that usually cost more.

Which Product Should I Choose?

This depends on what the product is being used for. Henkel Technomelt can be used for a light adhesive, such as that in feminine hygiene products, baby diapers, or product labels. It can also be used for more industrial products such as automotive maufacturing, bookbinding, or furniture assembly.

The Technomelt polyamides are praised for their strength and durability, as well as their ability to adhere to a variety of surfaces. One of the most common uses for the polyamide product is low-pressure molding. Read more about Low Pressure Molding applications here!

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Technomelt PA 7460, sometimes referred to as Loctite Hysol SprayPac 7460, polyamide hot melt adhesives is formulated for spray application. The 7460 exhibits high heat resistance and a fast set time and is suitable for bonding foams, fabrics, wood and other materials.

Henkel Technomelt PA 7460 adhesive should be sprayed 6-9 inches above the substrate with the best bonding results achieved when the substrates are bonded immediately. Technomelt PA 7460 should be thoroughly dusted with the powder from the carton. Before using a new carton, simply roll the carton to redistribute the powder.

Henkel Technomelt PA 7802
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Henkel Loctite Technomelt PA 7802 is a polyamide adhesive liquid that is tough and flexible. It offers excellent adhesion to many difficult-to-bond substrates, including stainless steel, PVC, and ABS. This hot melt, high-performance product demonstrates excellent effectiveness over a broad temperature range. It has a 20 second open time.

Loctite Technomelt PA 7804
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Henkel Loctite Technomelt PA 7804 Polyamide Hot Melt

Technomelt PA 7804 is tough, elastomeric, high performance polyamide hot melt adhesive with excellent impact resistance at low temperature. It is recommended for demanding applications where substrates may be exposed to temperature extremes. It bonds to many difficult substrates including metals, plastics, wood, leather, fabric, non-woven fabric and foils.

Henkel Technomelt PA 7809FR
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Henkel Technomelt PA 7809FR Polyamide Hot Melt

Henkel Technomelt PA 7809FR is a polyamide adhesive liquid that has been modified with fire-retardant materials. This tough, high-performance product carries a UL 94V-O flammability rating, file #E63126 Volume 1. Suitable for substrates that may be exposed to temperature extremes, it can be used on materials such as metal, plastic, wood, leather fabric, non-woven fabric, film and foil.

The Bottom Line

The excellent chemical and heat resistance, the low flammability, and high strength make polyamides an excellent choice for more demanding hot melt applications. Many adhesive manufacturers offer UL-approved polyamide hot melts specifically formulated for electrical applications where reduced flammability is critical and UL 94V-O certification is required. Polyamide hot melts are also used for bonding textile fabrics because they have good resistance to dry cleaning fluids. Other important applications include furniture assembly, shoe making, automotive assembly, and gas/oil filter bonding.

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