TEC 305 Entry Level Hot Melt Glue Gun

TEC 305 Entry Level Hot Melt Glue Gun




High Temperature
High Temp
Low Temperature
Low Temp


  • Works With: 1/2" Glue Sticks
  • Use: Light Duty
  • Brand: Power Adhesives
  • Part Number: TEC-305
  • Options: High Temp or Low Temp (Available)

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Power Adhesives TEC 305 Overview

The TEC 305 may have a narrow profile, but it packs a punch.  Power Adhesives' entry level glue gun sports a illuminated on/off switch and a 4-5 minutes warm up time.

The TEC 305 comes with a removable stand and has a built in nozzle wrench making it easy to switch between different Power Adhesives nozzles.  

Power included a few features generally only available on industrial glue guns, like the stroke adjustment knob allowing you to change the amount of glue per squeeze and illuminated on/off switch.

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Hotmelt.com offers a low price guarantee on the TEC 305 and all of the Power Adhesive hot melt glue guns and sticks. Most items are in stock and can ship same day. Call for volume discounts on any of the Power Adhesives TEC Bond products and one of our hot melt engineers can answer all of your application questions, (877)933-3343.

Power Adhesives TEC 305 Accessories

  • Slotted Spreader Nozzle (ADJ004)
  • Standard Nozzle (ADJ010)
  • Spreader Extension Nozzle (ADJ012)
  • Angled Extension Nozzle (ADJ013)
  • Precision Extension Nozzle (ADJ014)
  • 2 Hole Nozzle (ADJ015)
  • 3 Hole Nozzle (ADJ016)
  • 'L' Nozzle (ADJ017)
  • 'T' Nozzle (ADJ018)

Power Adhesives TEC 305 Specifications

  • SKU: TEC 305
  • Melt Rate: 900g / 2lbs
  • Stick Size: 12mm (1/2")
  • Voltage: 100-240V
  • Wattage: 20W (150W)
  • Heater: PTC
  • Temperature Control: Self-regulating Heater
  • Hot Melt Temp: 195°C
  • Low Melt Temp: 130°C
  • Cable Length: 2M
  • Weight: 250g
  • Packaging: PET Blister