Surebonder S-12478-10 Polyamide Sticks

Surebonder S-12478-10 Polyamide Sticks



Works Best:

Bonds To Wood
Bonds To Metal/Glass
Bonds To Plastic


High Temperature
High Temp


  • Quantity: 25lbs Cartons
  • Industry: Woodworking & Electrical Potting
  • Options: 1/2" 
  • Color: Amber

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Surebonder S-12478-10 Hot Melt Overview

Surebonder's Polyamide has extreme high temperature resistance and has a long open time. This Polyamide hot melt is perfect for woodworking and electrical potting applications. Surebonder's Polyamide hot glue sticks have resistance to plasticizer migration for vinyl bonding. Also, S-12478-10 Polyamide hot melt sticks use for knot filling, filter making as well as other applications requiring high temperature resistance.  

Surebonder S-12478-10 Glue Sticks Per Carton

  • 25 lbs of glue stick size 1/2" x 10" is approximately 450 glue sticks 

Surebonder S-12478-10 Specifications

  • Softening Point: 176°F. (81°C.)
  • Working Time: 75 seconds
  • Viscosity / Centipoises: 3,900 @ 400°F
  • Color: Amber
  • Shape: 1/2" x 10" 
  • Pounds per case: 25
  • Temperature of Glue Gun: 380°F