Replacement for Nordson Slautterback Dual Orifice Straight Nozzle for E900 Modules


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Product Highlights

  • Dual Orifice Straight Nozzle
  • Works with Slautterback® E900 Modules (or Equivalent)
  • Multiple Orifice Size and Angle Options
  • View All Bulk Hot Melt Nozzles

Replacement for Nordson E900 Dual Orifice Straight Nozzle Overview

This Nordson® Slautterback® style dual orifice straight nozzle comes in a variety of diameters to help regulate the volume of hot melt being dispensed. The Nordson® Slautterback® replacement for E900 dual orifice straight bulk nozzle is expertly tooled and manufactured in the USA. It is made for precise dispensing and exceptional performance and comes in a variety of sizes. 

Works With 

  • Nordson® Slautterback® E900 Series Hot Melt Systems

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Questions on Replacing the Nordson® Slautterback® E900 Dual Orifice Straight Nozzle? has trained equipment technicians and engineers on-staff ready to help with product recommendations, installation questions and anything else you need. Contact us now with help on your current or new hot melt application. is not affiliated with the Nordson® Corporation. All OEM part numbers are for reference only. Nordson® is a registered trademark of the Nordson® Corporation


Nordson® Slautterback® SKU Reference Specifications
Slautterback 73965-1045 45 Degree | .010 Diameter
Slautterback 73965-1245 45 Degree | .012 Diameter
Slautterback 73965-1845 45 Degree | .018 Diameter
Slautterback 73965-2545 45 Degree | .025 Diameter
Slautterback 73965-1060 60 Degree | .010 Diameter
Slautterback 73965-1260 60 Degree | .012 Diameter
Slautterback 73965-1460 60 Degree | .014 Diameter
Slautterback 73965-1560 60 Degree | .015 Diameter
Slautterback 73965-1660 60 Degree | .016 Diameter
Slautterback 73965-2060 60 Degree | .020 Diameter
Slautterback 73965-1890 90 Degree | .018 Diameter
Slautterback 73965-2090 90 Degree | .020 Diameter
Slautterback 73965-2590 90 Degree | .025 Diameter
Slautterback 73965-1030 30 Degree | .010 Diameter
Slautterback 73965-1230 30 Degree | .012 Diameter
Slautterback 73965-1430 30 Degree | .014 Diameter
Slautterback 73965-1630 30 Degree | .016 Diameter
Slautterback 73965-1830 30 Degree | .018 Diameter
Slautterback 73965-2030 30 Degree | .020 Diameter

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