InfinityPack 43mm Premium Packaging Hot Melt Slugs


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Product Highlights

  • Type: Premium | Fast Set | Packaging Stick
  • Bonds: Perfect for Cardboard or Corrugated
  • Temperature: Standard Temperature
  • Stick Size: Available in 1/2" or 5/8" Stick Sizes

Premium Packaging Hot Melt Glue Sticks Sticks

Don't be fooled by the cost, InfinityPack is a low odor, high quality packaging glue stick that performs as well or better than many of its higher priced counterparts. InfinityPack glue sticks are a fast setting hot melt and offer and instant tack that sets up quickly. 

Use InfinityPack with standard temperature glue guns. Adjustable temperature guns are always recommended for packaging applications to allow users to play with open time by turning the gun temp up or down.

Applying InfinityPack Hot Melt

InfinityPack comes in both 1/2", 5/8" and 3M Quadrack stick sizes. It should be applied with a standard or adjustable temperature glue gun. We typically recommend adjustable temperature glue guns for packaging applications as this allows users to tweak the viscosity and set time. 

Recommended Applications

  • Standard cardboard or corrugated packaging
  • Many coated stocks
  • End of line 'repacking'
  • Cardboard to wood

The Full Line of Infinity Packaging Hot Melt Sticks


    • Application Temperature: 340ºF to 375ºF
    • Viscosity @ 350ºF: 1,100 cps
    • Softening Point: 230ºF - 240ºF
    • Open Time: Fast
    • Color: Light Tan
    • Form: 43mm slugs

    Official Supplier is an official supplier of Infinity Bond. We are the largest supplier of Infinity Bond hot melts, PUR adhesives, hot melt replacement parts and dispensing equipment.

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