Infinity Bond superPUR Purge Cleaner - 10 Ounce Cartridge


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Infinity Bond superPUR purge Cleaning Agent Overview

Infinity Bond superPUR purge is a hot melt for cleaning melting units, hoses, and application units in which reactive PUR hot melt adhesives are processed. It is commonly used with Infinity Bond superPUR products. The use of this product prevents clogging of feeding systems as well as reactive incrustations of application units.

Dispensing Applicator Options

The Infinity Bond superPUR purge is compatible with most cartridge dispensing glue guns. 

Infinity Bond superPUR 30 Applications

  • When the Infinity Bond superPUR disposable nozzles (included with every purchase of the superPUR 30, superPUR 60, and superPUR 180) are not used, the application units have to be completely cleaned when not in use. 


    • Base: EVA Copolymers
    • Specific Gravity: Approx. 0.98 g/cm3
    • Color: Mahogany, ref. 70
    • Viscosity:
      • @ 120C - 110,000 mPas
      • @ 140C - 55,000 mPas
      • @ 160C - 28000 mPas
      • @ 180C - 17000 mPas

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