Infinity Bond's line of superPUR adhesives in 10 ounce cartridges with pneumatic hot melt applicator gun

Infinity Bond superPUR High Performance PUR Hot Melt Cartridges

Infinity Bond lives by the idea of providing "better glue for less" and they have done it again with the Infinity Bond superPUR line of 10 ounce PUR cartridges. Infinity Bond superPUR cartridges offer superior performance, price and ease-of-use over all other PUR cartridges on the market today.

Save up to 50% over competitive 10 ounce PUR cartridges!


Infinity Bond superPUR hot melt cartridges offer industry leading PUR technology. Our new product line combines the bond strength of a structural adhesive with the ease-of-use of a traditional hot melt.


Infinity Bond superPUR costs up to 50% less than other leading PUR brands. Plus, our cartridges work in all standard 10 oz cartridge guns, reducing your up-front costs.


We include a disposable nozzle and check valve with each 10 oz cartridge purchase. This eliminates dripping and the need to purge and clean guns - saving you time, money, and headaches ruining expensive cartridge dispensing equipment.

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