Henkel Technomelt PUR 862A Hot Melt

Also known as Purmelt QR 862A, PUR-FECT LOK 91-862A

SKU: LOCTITE 1265054

Manufacturer Part #: 1265054

Product Highlights

  • Type: PUR Hot Melt
  • Brand: Henkel Technomelt
  • Application: Roll coating
  • Size: 59 gal / 227 kg drum

Technomelt PUR 862A Overview

Technomelt PUR 862A is a translucent, 100%-solids, moisture-curing reactive hotmelt adhesive (PUR). It is designed to provide aggressive tack and very fast handling strength. This allows for parts to be moved, trimmed and even routed in minutes rather than hours. The distinctive feature of this product is that it combines two, often un-linked, properties - good working assembly time and high green strength. It is formulated with patented technology to provide fast cure and contains UV dye for improved visibility under ultraviolet source.

Features of Technomelt PUR 862A

  • Highly aggressive tack
  • Very quick handling strength
  • Parts can be moved, trimmed and even routed in minutes rather than hours
  • Combines good working assembly time with high green strength
  • UV dye for improved visibility

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