Buehnen HB 700K Cartridge Spray Glue Gun


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  • Type: Pneumatic | Spray
  • Stick Size: Cartridge

PAM Buehnen 700K Cartridge Spray Glue Gun Overview

The Buehnen HB700K cartridge spray gun is pneumatically assisted and incredibly unique as an industrial adhesive applicator. This gun takes standard 10 ounce cartridges and has an adjustable operating temperature from 104°F to 400°F. The temperature is easy to adjust on the integrated digital temperature display with simple to use controls.

PUR hot melt adhesives are great for bonds that require a high heat resistance or flexibility in cold temperatures. PUR hot melt adhesive cartridges are used for assembly or structural bonds. When using the HB 700K with PUR, it's necessary to use a purge cleaner to prevent PUR from hardening in the nozzle.


  • Dimensions 335 x 270 x 109 mm
  • Weight 1700 g
  • Operating Voltage 220-240 V, 50 Hz, alternativ 110-120 V, 60 Hz
  • Power Consumption 600 W
  • Operating Temperature 40-210 °C
  • Temperature Control electronic
  • Temperature Constancy ± 1°
  • Temperature Display digital LED-display
  • Automatic Temperature Reduction (ACE) 40° reduction after 30 minutes or adjustable
  • Melting Tank Capacity 310 ml
  • Melting Capacity 1.3-2.0 kg/h
  • Delivery System Pneumatic
  • Operating Pressure 4 to 6 bar

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