Astro SS10 Bulk Hot Melt Tank - Nordson DuraBlue Replacement

SKU: ASTRO 85500

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Product Highlights

  • Features: 10 LB Melter | Up to 2 Hose Attachments
  • Compare to: Outperforms Nordson DuraBlue Tanks
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Astro SS10 Bulk Hot Melt Tank Overview

The Astro SS10 bulk hot melt tank is a durable, reliable and affordable bulk hot melt unit that blows a lot of the other brand names (we're looking at you Nordson) out of the water when it comes to features and price. 

The SS10 can support two hot melt hoses and guns and includes the industry favorite TC500 temperature controller. The TC500 makes it easy to view temperature and zone settings as well as diagnostics on-screen. 

Nordson DuraBlue Compared to Astro SS10


There's lots to be excited about when comparing the Nordson DuraBlue unit to the Astro SS10. First, the SS10 has a 10 pound melter tank and higher melt rate than the DuraBlue. This means higher volume output in a smaller footprint. 


The SS10 comes with a TC500 controller making it super easy to operate. The TC500 is simple to program and displays all zones on screen making it easy to check readings and diagnostics.


Save hundreds or even thousands on the Astro SS10 bulk tank vs the more expensive Nordson DuraBlue which offers fewer features and output. 


  • The SS10 supports 1 or 2 hoses and guns.
  • Handguns can be bead or spray.
  • Auto dispense guns can be electric or pneumatic.
  • Self diagnostic P.I.D.
  • LCD display digital temperature controller with platinum sensor accuracy.

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