3M Scotch Weld 3762 Packaging Hot Melt - AE, TC, Q and PG



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Bonds To Cardboard
Bonds To Wood


High Temperature
High Temp


  • Quantity: 11lb & 22lb Cartons
  • Industry: Packaging Hot Melt
  • Options: 3M Sizes AE, TC, PG, Q
  • Color: Tan

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3M 3762 Hot Melt Overview

The 3M 3762 is a tried and true fast setting packaging hot melt stick with a an excellent hot tack. This means it grips fast and sets quickly so there is little waiting time in-between sealing boxes. 

The 3762 is great a most porous surfaces which is why it is great for sealing corrugated and cardboard boxes but it is also a favorite for woodworking when quick set hot melt is required. 

3M Scotch weld 3762 is a standard temperature hot melt available in AE, TC, Q and PG 3M stick sizes. 

Why Buy from Hotmelt.com

Because we are the 3M hot melt experts. We stock a huge selection of 3M glue sticks and offer a low price guarantee on the 3M 3762 glue stick. 

3M 3762 Glue Sticks Per Carton

  • 11 lbs of glue stick size AE 1/2" x 12" is approximately 150 glue sticks
  • 11 lbs of glue stick size TC 5/8" x 2" is approximately 770 glue sticks 
  • 11 lbs of glue stick size Q 5/8" x 8" is approximately 165 glue sticks 
  • 22 lbs of glue stick size PG 1" x 3" is approximately 264 glue sticks

3M 3762 Hot Melt Specifications

  • Base: EVA 
  • Colour: Tan
  • Viscosity cP at 190°C: 1870
  • FDA Accepted: Yes 
  • Delivery Rate for 25 x 73 mm (PG) slug: 30 seconds 
  • Ball and Ring Softening Point: 94°C 
  • Heat Resistance: 54°C 
  • Impact Resistance: 11 in/lbs at -18°C, 20 in/lbs at 22°C 
  • Peel Strength at 22°C: 23 N/10mm 
  • Shear Strength at 22°C: 3.7 MPa 
  • Tensile Strength at 22°C: 3.1 MPa 
  • Elongation: 400 % 
  • Bonding Range 3mm bead: 35 seconds