3M 9088 Double Sided Tape

SKU: 3M 7100018969

Manufacturer Part #: 7100018969

Previous Part #: DT908800121

UPC: 04046719858460

Sale price$632.00
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Product Highlights

  • Type: Tape
  • Brand: 3M
  • Adhesive: Acrylic
  • Backing: Polyester

3M 9088 Double Sided Tape Overview

3M High-Performance Double Coated Tape 9088-200 features a modified acrylic adhesive that bonds to most substrates, including difficult-to-stick-to substrates. This adhesive is applied on both sides of a .5 mil PET carrier which adds strength and stability and is excellent for a wide range of applications. A glassine paper liner makes for efficient conversion processing. 

3M High-Performance Double Coated Tape 9088 is designed as a go-to industrial tape for long tern adhesion in a very broad range of applications where a thicker tape is desired. The adhesive is applied at 3.7 mils to each side of a strong, highly transparent .4 mil polyester (PET) film carrier. The tape resists UV, chemicals, solvents, and high temperatures. A 3 mil glassine paper liner adds dimensional stability for effective and efficient die-cutting and other conversion methods.

Recommended Applications

  • POP/POS displays
  • Self-adhesive mounting of furniture trim
  • Sealing profiles and cable ducts
  • Fabric and leather stitching
  • Blind manufacturers
  • Print finishing
  • Splicing

Details & Features

  • Suitable for a broad range of applications
  • Excellent for applications requiring high adhesion and high transparency
  • .5 mil PET carrier is excellent for graphic displays
  • Adhesive 375 bonds to nearly any surface, rough or smooth
  • Resists UV, chemicals, and high temperatures for long-term bond
OEM Part Number Option Price
7100018968 19 mm / 50 m / Case of 48 Rolls $602.00
7100018969 12 mm / 50 m / Case of 80 Rolls $632.00

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