3M VentureClad 1577CW-WM White Insulation Jacketing Tape

SKU: 3M 00051128957813

Manufacturer Part #: 7100043716

Previous Part #: 70008909239

UPC: 00051128957813

Sale price$965.00

Product Highlights

  • Type: Tape
  • Brand: 3M
  • Adhesive: Acrylic
  • Backing: Multi-layered laminate

3M VentureClad 1577CW-WM White Insulation Jacketing Tape Overview

VentureClad 1577CW-WM White Insulation Jacketing Tape is an all-weather option for various jacketing applications. It offers superior resistance to weathering, mold, UV and extreme environmental conditions, and meets the FDA compositional requirements for indirect food contact. This white aluminum multi-layered laminate tape is designed to provide zero permeability and act as a vapor barrier.

Additional Information & Details

  • Zero permeability provides an absolute vapor barrier for sealing applications
  • Cold weather acrylic adhesive applies easily at temperatures as cold as -10°F/-23°C
  • 10-year 3M warranty when applied per 3M installation guidelines
  • High puncture and tear resistance ensure longevity and durability in a variety of applications and environmental conditions
  • Qualifies for compliance credit for LEED®
  • Flexible backing conforms to irregular and curved surfaces
  • Easy to cut and install on-site without special tools or application methods

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