Graco InvisPac Tankless Hot Melt System Benefits

We’ve already established that there is a huge benefit from the Graco InvisiPac system including fast start up time, char free dispensing, true cost analytics and the ability to use more economical bulk hot melt. Invisipac is revolutionizing the dispensing industry helping manufacturers lower their costs up to 50% through adhesive savings and productivity improvements. So why haven’t you jumped on board yet?

The Promotion

We’ve heard all of the excuses. It’s too expensive to test. What if it doesn’t work? How do I know the cost savings is real? Well, what if we were to tell you that and Graco have partnered to give you a 90-day free trial, no strings attached. That’s right, we’re so sure you are going to fall in love with the Graco InvisiPac equipment we are offering a three-month worry free trial where we can prove to you how this system can save you money, boost productivity and increase your bottom line. 

The Catch

You’re thinking to yourself, what’s the catch? There isn’t one. We stand behind this product and the advantages it can provide. Ok, maybe one small catch, this 90-Day free trial is only available until December 2017, here’s how it works. 

Let’s Get Started

We work with you to build a custom Graco InvisiPac solution based on your specific dispensing needs. You know the cost (if you should decide to keep the system) before we ship and set-up your trial. 

Our team will help with the installation and transition and help track the results in a no pressure 90-day trial. If the system is everything we promise it is and all you had hoped for, keep it and you are up and running. If the InvisiPac system falls short of your expectations, simply send it back within the 90 days. 

Are you ready to take away the headache of hot melt charring and plugging and start saving money? Contact one of our adhesive engineers to get started with a brand new, hassle free InvisiPac system today.

Want to see the Graco InvisiPac system in action? Schedule a free, no obligation Graco InvisiPac Van Demo. We'll show up to your location anywhere in the country with our mobile demo and show you why InvisiPac is changing the hot melt world. 

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