Graco InvisiPack vs Nordson Freedom tankless hot melt systems

Graco InvisiPack vs Nordson Freedom Tankless Systems

When it comes to tankless bulk hot melt systems you have two options, the Graco InvisiPac or the Nordson Freedom. Both are industrial systems that have been built to increase line efficiency and quality, drive profitability, and keep operators safe. Tankless systems are revolutionizing the packaging industry. When your company upgrades to a tankless system you will instantly see the return on investment (ROI) and will have an advantage over the competition. At we always strive to provide you with the best hot melt products on the market. We know that you value quality, reliability and flexibility. We have chosen to offer you the Graco InvisiPac system, and we want you to have a look at the facts so that you can also feel confident in this decision. 

At first glance these systems probably look quite similar. They both have storage containers that are separate from the heating elements. They both have hoses and specialized glue guns and nozzles. They also both have unique touchscreen controls. However, when you take a closer look at build materials, design and construction the differences quickly become apparent. In this comparison we will show you the differences based on specifications and performance.

Storage Container

The first major component is the storage container. These are different from the traditional hot melt tanks. Instead of being the center for melting and distribution, they act as the storage areas for the smaller units, which actually heat the adhesive. Both the InvisiPac and Freedom have closed dispensing systems. They store the hot melt in a solid state which eliminates degradation, and keeps it free from contaminants and debris. The containers are similar in size and capacity. The Freedom unit has a clear front window.

Vacuum Feed

From the storage tank, the solid-state hot melt is routed through a vacuum feed tube into the melt chamber. This eliminates manual tank filling, improving operator safety and productivity. Both systems use vacuum delivery from the storage tank to the melt chamber.

Melt Chamber

This stage is where tankless hot melt systems truly shine. The melt chamber is designed to only melt the glue when you need it, reducing char and waste, which also helps prevent downtime due to cleaning or repairs. These units require little maintenance. While they work in a similar way, the systems have distinct differences.

  • InvisiPac: The InvisiPac melt chamber takes only 10 minutes to warm up. It heats the glue to the desired temperature, maintaining optimal viscosity without deviation. It is built with quality materials that help keep heat contained to prevent any injuries to users.
  • Freedom: This melt chamber takes almost 20 minutes to warm up. The chamber is also designed to prevent char buildup and melt glue on demand. There is a filter built into the chamber unit.


The next stage of the system is the pump, which transfers the hot melt from the stand-alone heating unit to the glue gun. We see some distinct differences in the pump design.

  • InvisiPac: This system uses an industry leading pump designs to deliver the glue uniformly and precisely to the gun. The InvisiPac pump is made with durable components, the seals and valves are all designed for use with high temperature, prolonging their life span. It has a built-in filter to prevent clogging. The pump rate is 96 pounds per hour. It requires virtually no maintenance.
  • Freedom: The Freedom system uses a standard dual acting piston pump. The components are not coated for heat resistance. The pump rate is listed as 72 pounds per hour, however in real life use some report seeing it closer to 40 pounds per hour.


The hoses play an important role in transferring the melted adhesive from the melt chamber to the glue gun. For safety and efficiency they need to be well insulated.

  • InvisiPac: The hoses on the InvisiPac system have an extra silicone layer inside to prevent hot spots and char.
  • Freedom: The Freedom system hoses have direct heater wire contact with the glue which can create hot spots and cause char. They provide hose mounts for easy placement without damaging the hoses.

Glue Gun

The glue gun is one of the most important components as it dispenses the glue onto your product.

  • InvisiPac: Graco put a lot of effort into designing a new glue gun for the InvisiPac system. The manifold features a free-flow path to eliminate dead zones and clogging. There is also a filter incorporated to prevent char build-up and to keep the nozzle clear.
  • Freedom: The Freedom gun is designed with SureBead technology to prevent clogging.

Touchscreen Interface

Both systems come equipped with a touchscreen control. Both units allow for temperature control and some level of system monitoring.

  • InvisiPac: The touchscreen brain-center for the InvisiPac is a remote mountable unit. It is built with durability in mind. It has simple and easy to use controls. It features downloadable data tracking via USB, on-screen event logging, adhesive consumption tracking, and power management controls.
  • Freedom: The touchscreen control panel for the Freedom system is located next to the melt chamber. It features controls for adhesive dispensing, designed to reduce waste.

The Bottom Line

When you look at overall design, both of these systems are a major update to traditional bulk hot melt tanks. They increase efficiency, productivity and workplace safety. As we have seen, there are clear differences in construction though. The Graco InvisiPac is built with high quality, durable materials. They go the extra mile to use components with heat coating, and insert filters to prevent clogging. These innovations are the result of decades of dedication to producing the highest quality hot melt products. Like Graco, we work hard to provide you with the best hot melt adhesive products available. Our experts are available to answer any of your questions and help you determine the right products for your company. Visit us online at or call us at 877-933-3343.

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