Franklin ReacTITE 6010 PUR Hot Melt Adhesive


Product Highlights

  • Quantity: Case of 5 Cartridges or 5 Gallon Pail
  • Industry: Woodworking | General Assembly
  • Features: Medium Open Time

Franklin ReacTITE 6010 PUR Hot Melt Overview

ReacTITE 6010 is a polyurethane (PUR) hot melt designed specifically for bonding wood and similar substrates. It offers a medium set time of around 60 seconds giving users enough time to adjust their materials before the final bond sets. 

ReacTITE 6010 can drastically reduce the need for non-adhesive fasteners like screws, staples, nails and clamps. It can be easily sanded and is formulated with a UV indicator making in visible under black lights. 

Recommended Applicators (for 10 Ounce Cartridges)


  • Chemical family description: Polyurethane adhesive
  • Appearance: white solid
  • Typical viscosity (cps): 9500 - 13800 (S28/10/248ºF)
  • Weight solids (%): 100%Specific gravity: 1.17
  • Weight pounds per gallon: 9.76
  • Open Time: 3 minutes  Set Time: 45-75 seconds
  • Excellent for bonding wood
  • 100% solids – 0 VOCs
  • Fast setting


Data Sheets and Brochures

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