Meler B4 NON STOP Hot Melt Tank for Polyurethane PUR Adhesives


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Product Highlights

The Meler B4 Non Stop Hot Melt Tank: Perfect for PUR

In an industry where every detail matters, the Meler B4 Non Stop Hot Melt Tank emerges as a game-changer. Designed to cater to a myriad of applications across sectors like Graphic Arts, Automotive, and Woodworking, this machine is not just versatile but also incredibly efficient.

The Substance Behind the Style

The Meler B4 Non Stop is engineered to work primarily with moisture-cure reactive polyurethane (PUR) hot melt adhesives. These come in two-kilogram foil-encased blocks with a maximum diameter of 130 mm, ensuring that you have ample material for even the most demanding projects.

A New Paradigm in Efficiency

What sets this machine apart is its 'melt-on-demand' concept. This feature allows for discontinued production cycles, meaning you can pause and resume your work without any hitches. The machine melts only the adhesive you need, protecting the rest from heat. This eliminates the need for extra dry air or nitrogen supply, thanks to its air-tight cylinder pressing system and the remaining protection bag of the adhesive. The result? Zero waste of PUR adhesive.

Precision Meets User-Friendly Design

The Meler B4 Non Stop doesn't just perform well; it's also a joy to operate. Its user-friendly design ensures secure, precise, and easy operation. Maintenance is a breeze, and cleaning is straightforward, reducing adhesive waste even further. The Electronic Control Unit precisely controls temperatures ranging from 40ºC to 200ºC and adapts the motor/pump speed to suit the conditions of your application, whether manual or automatic.

Tailored for Your Needs

Whether you're in the Graphic Arts industry focusing on clear box gluing, the Automotive sector dealing with product assembly, or the Woodworking field specializing in edge-banding, the Meler B4 Non Stop is your go-to solution for low glue consumption applications.

The Bottom Line

The Meler B4 Non Stop Hot Melt Tank is more than just a piece of machinery; it's a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly partner in all your adhesive applications. With its advanced features and unparalleled efficiency, it's clear that this machine is in a league of its own.


  • Holding capacity: For using 130 mm diameter blocks
  • Tank reservoir capacity: 450 cc
  • Maximum pumping rate (*)12 l/h pump 2 cc/rev (at 100 rpm)A.  
  • Maximum melting rate (*): 5 kg/h
  • Number of outputs: 2
  • Pump speed: 0-100 rpm (recommended 10 to 80 rpm)B. It is possible to use manual applicator
  • Temperature range: 40 to 160ºC
  • Temperature control: RTD ±0,5ºC (±1ºF)
  • Maximum working pressure: 80 bar (1160 psi)
  • Maximum installation power (at 230 VAC): 3.680 W (16A)
  • Electrical requirements: LN ~ 230VAC 50/60 Hz + PE
  • Hydraulic connections: 9/16 18 UNF
  • External functions: Temperature OK, External standby activation, Starting up the motor, Motor speed set point reference and Failures output in pump control card
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 600 x 320 x 840
  • Weight: 60 kg

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