Graco InvisiPac HM50 Tankless Bulk Hot Melt System


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Product Highlights

  • 50lb Per Hour Melt Rate
  • 100F-400F Temperature Range
  • Up to 6 Hose Connections
  • Less than 15 Minute Start-up Time

Graco InvisiPac HM50 Overview

The Graco InvisiPac HM50 is the ultimate in bulk hot melt dispensing. With a 50lb per hour melt rate, the HM50 can keep up with even the most demanding applications. The InvisiPac HM50 offers cutting edge tools allowing users to calculate their 'true adhesive cost' and virtually eliminates clogging due to char with its patented melt-on-demand system.

As if reduced down time and more efficient dispensing weren't enough, when using the Graco HM50 users can often opt for a less expensive bulk hot melt and yield the same bonding results. Expensive hot melts were formulated not to degrade while sitting molten for extended periods of time in a traditional pot. The Invisipac HM50 pulls hot melt into the system as needed eliminating the possibility of char from even from the most economical hot melt products.

* Note: The Graco InvisiPac HM50 is for very high volume applications that require up to 50 LBS per hour of hot melt to be dispensed. Most applications utilize the InvisiPac HM25 system

How the InvisiPac System Works

The InvisiPac HM50 uses an integrated vacuum system to bring hot melt to an in-line melter. Unlike traditional tanks that need to bring hot melt to temperature and remain melted for long periods of time, the Invisipac HM50 system brings hot melt to the melter on-demand so no char is ever created. 

Why the InvisiPac HM50 Tank-Free System is Better

  • 15 minute start up time
  • Continuous flow of on-demand heated hot melt
  • No more plugged nozzles from hot melt char
  • Equal or better melt rate than traditional tank systems
  • Advanced adhesive tracking technology lets you know your true cost and efficiency


  • Electrical: 200-240V (Additional Options Available)
  • Time to Temperature: Less than 15 Minutes
  • Melt Rate: 50lbs Per Hour
  • Pump: Pneumatic Piston 12:1
  • Operating Pneumatic Pressure Range: 20-100 psi
  • Temperature Range: 100-400F
  • Channels: Up to 6
  • Maximum Gun Wattage Per Channel: 400W
  • Glue Shape: Pellets

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