Metered hot melt dispensing options.

We have been asked a lot lately about metered hot melt dispensing. This article will cover the various ways you can control the amount of hot melt dispensed using a variety of tools including standard hot melt guns, pneumatic guns and bulk equipment.

Option 1: Stroke Adjustment

Stroke Adjustment on handheld glue guns allows you to vary the amount of hot melt adhesive you get per trigger squeeze. This is not an exact dispensing method but it does allow users to adjust about how much hot melt is applied with each trigger pull. Our favorite hot melt guns that have the stroke adjusters are Surebonder Pro2-220 & Power Adhesives TEC 805.

Option 2: Pneumatic Guns with Bench Mount, Foot Pedal and Timer

Pneumatic hot melt guns are air powered and can be accessorized with bench mounts and foot pedals for hands free application. Commonly, product assembly requires a more control on how hot melt is applied and foot pedal systems can offer a great solution to this problem. The top glue guns capable of utilizing bench mounts and foot pedals are 3M Polygun II, Power Adhesives TEC 6100 and the TEC 7100. Adding a timer to these pneumatic systems adds an additional level of control over adhesive levels. Power Adhesives has a great timer and bench mount kit for these type of systems.

Option 3: Stationary Dispensing

The Surebonder Stationary Pneumatic Hot Melt Applicator is designed for hands-free assembly applications. It has a 2 pound melt tank, adjustable temperature, adjustable air pressure regulator, foot pedal for on-demand gluing and a shot timer. The shot timer on Surebonder's 753 stationary hot melt applicator dispenses exactly the same amount of hot melt each time the foot pedal is compressed. Surebonder's stationary system is ideal for dispensing peel-able pressure sensitive adhesive and EVA based hot melts.

Option 4: Automated Bulk System

For large volume hot melt dispensing, a custom hot melt dispensing system may be required and no one has more experience in setting up automated hot melt dispensing than Visit our bulk hot melt dispensing equipment section for spare parts and supplies or contact us for information and pricing on setting up a hot melt system for your specific needs.

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