Reduce glue gun worker fatigue

Worker fatigue is a problem in many product assembly and packaging applications. However, there are a few things that can help you decrease this issue. The most obvious cause of worker fatigue is the weight of the glue gun being used. Obviously, the weight of the gun is affected by the strength of the operator. However, after working all day on an assembly line a 2 lb. glue gun is heavy enough to make anyone's arm, hand, or fingers tired.

It's all in the trigger

Not all glue guns are created equal. We have experienced a finger cramp and hand cramp quite a few times in our line of work. Finger cramps are no fun and caused by using a glue gun with a trigger big enough to only fit one or two finger on it. This type of trigger is commonly associated with craft glue guns. It's best to look for hot melt guns that have a full hand trigger, which on is pretty common. Most industrial hot melt guns are equipped with a 4 finger trigger, but some feel better than others. Having a glue gun with a full four finger trigger means your fingers won't get tired as fast. Another option is the palm trigger, which you can see on Ad Tech's MT 500. While the palm trigger takes some getting used it greatly reduces operator hand fatigue and is easy to use.

Take some weight off with a spring balancer

Spring Balancers are one of the easiest ways to offer relief to glue gun operators. These tool positioners allow for the glue gun to be suspended at the correct height for your application. Workers will simply guide the gun and without feeling the full weight be able to maneuver it around the items they are gluing. Most industrial glue guns offer a spot to clip the spring balance tool and they are an inexpensive way to greatly reduce user fatigue.

Take your application hands free

Go hands free, or take steps in the right direction by starting with the right equipment. Power Adhesives TEC 6100 pneumatic glue gun is not only a great gun, but can also be modified into a hands free hot melt gun. Power adhesives has created a bench mount kit for this hot melt gun with a foot pedal. Workers will no longer be required to pull the trigger, instead they can simply utilize a foot pedal. Make the foot pedal dispensing even better by adding a timer kit to release the exact same amount of hot melt each time. Save your workers hand and finger cramps by using the foot pedal bench mount system while still utilizing a high output gun. If you add in the timer kit, you will also be able to save on hot melt cost by reducing excess waste.

Top Hot Melt Guns for Relieving Operator Fatigue:

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