Hot melt glue gun kits

Complete Glue Gun Kits Take the Guess Work Out of Unique Applications

Industrial adhesives, glue guns, and glue gun accessories are used in a wide range of industries. Whether your business is in the automotive, construction, woodworking, packaging, or bookbinding industry, there is a specially made glue gun and adhesive for every application imaginable. But with so many options to choose from, how do you know what products are best suited to your specific business?

The professionals at have put together a series of hot glue gun kits for both entry- and professional-level customers in specific industries. We hand picked our most popular adhesive products based on user needs for specific industries or applications to make your shopping experience and day-to-day operations even easier. Let’s take a look at a few of these glue gun kits now available at

Golf Club Weighting Kits

1. Standard Golf Club Weighting Kit

This kit has been put together specifically for golf club customization. It includes the Surebonder PRO100 Hot Melt Gun, as well as a golf club weight hot melt cartridge with a 3" nozzle. The PRO100 is a dual temperature glue gun built for small-scale industrial applications. The hot melt cartridge included in the kit is ideal for golf club customization because its tacky texture will not crack or fracture from vibrations.

2. Advanced Golf Club Weighting Kit

The Advanced Golf Club Weighting Kit offers an upgrade hot melt gun that heats more quickly and is more durable for higher volume applications. In our opinion, this is the way to go for even low volume applications. 

2. Glue Machinery Golf Club Customization Kit (Professional Level)

The Glue Machinery Kit features the Champ 3 Bulk Hot Melt glue gun, a 3” Hosel nozzle, and 5lbs of Bulk Pressure-Sensitive Hot Melt adhesive. Pressure sensitive hot melt is the best for weighting golf clubs because it has offers flexibility, and will not crack or break whenever the club makes contact with the ball. The 3” Hosel nozzle easily attaches to the dual temperature Champ 3, making it ideal for golf club customization.

Hot Melt Packaging Kits

1. Power Adhesives Light Packaging Complete Hot Melt Kit (Entry Level)

The Light Packaging Complete Hot Melt Kit from Power Adhesives features the TEC 805 glue gun, a high-temperature glue gun that uses either ½” or 5/8” glue sticks and features an adjustable full-hand. The kit features 11lbs Packaging Hot Glue Sticks and three different kinds of nozzles: the standard nozzle featured on the TEC 805, plus a 3-hole and L-Type nozzle, making this kit perfect for entry- to mid-level users and applications.

3. Industrial Packaging Complete Hot Melt Kit (Professional Level)

We put together this kit specifically with higher-volume industrial packaging applications in mind. It includes the Ad Tech MT500 Industrial Glue Gun and 11lbs of 5/8" industrial hot glue sticks. The MT500 dispenses hot melt at a rate of 6.2lbs/hr, and a built-in stand and comfortable palm trigger that allows for extended use without causing user wear. Combined with the included adhesives, this package is ideal for lowering costs and increasing efficiency.

Knot Filling Woodworking Kits

1. Power Adhesives Knot Filling & Wood Repair Kit – Light Industrial (Entry)

The Knot Filling & Wood Repair Kit from Power Adhesives includes everything you need for repairing knot defects, deep scratches, and other deep wood blemishes. The TEC 305 Hot Melt Glue Gun is included for dispensing the specialty knot-filling adhesive called KNOT-TEC, which is ideal for repairing floors, furniture, and a plethora of other applications. The kit also includes two metal heatsink blocks, a silicone release mat, mouse plane, a heavy plastic carrying case, and a variety of colored glue sticks (3 Amber, 3 Beige, 3 Black, and 3 Cola).

2. Power Adhesives Knot Filling & Wood Repair Kit – Professional (Professional)

Like its entry-level counterpart, the Professional Level Knot Filling & Wood Repair Kit from Power Adhesives includes everything you need for fixing knot defects and blemishes, scratches, or cracks in wood. The only difference between the two kits is in the featured glue guns and accompanying glue sticks. The Professional level kit features the TEC 820 Hot Melt Glue Gun, as well as two 12-stick mixed color sample packs of KNOT-TEC adhesive.

The professionals at are ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding these products. For more specific information on these product kits, or the individual products included in the kits, explore our catalogue of glue guns, adhesives, and accessories by application, industry, or brand. You can also call to speak to one of our courteous and knowledgeable representatives at (877) 933-3343.

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