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Advanced hot melt golf weighting kit from Infinity Bond
Advanced hot melt golf weighting kit from Infinity Bond Infinity Advanced Golf Club Weighting Kit
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Advanced Hot Melt Golf Club Weighting Kit - Gun and Cartridge

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Advanced Hot Melt Golf Weighting Kit - NEW!

The Infinity Advanced Hot Melt Golf Weighting Kit offers a new, more durable hot melt glue gun and single 50 gram pressure sensitive adhesive cartridge with 3" nozzle. 

This advanced dispensing system is perfect for DIY golf weighting and low to mid volume shops doing customizations.

The Glue Gun

This cartridge based hot melt gun heats the pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive cartridge while attached to a corded stand. The gun can then be removed and used cordlessly to apply the adhesive. We strongly recommend a full 15 minutes of preheating before applying adhesive and reheating the cartridge if off the stand for more than 3 minutes. 

The Adhesive

The adhesive for this system is a pressure sensitive hot melt. That means that it remains tacky and flexible even after being heated and dispensed. This type of adhesive is the industry standard in golf club weighting because it will not get brittle and become detached inside the club head. 

The cartridge is a 50 gram tube designed specificially for this glue gun. It has a 3" copper nozzle. For best results you may want to heat the nozzle separately with a flame or torch while the cartridge is being heated in the gun. This is not necessary but will give the longest working time and smoothest dispensing. 

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Jeff S.
United States

Hot Melt Feedback

Using the golf club glue gun was intuitive. I still read the instructions but that really wasn't necessary. You need to remove the copper tube from the cartridges to allow the gun to properly sit into the holder and get warmed up. You'll find glue dripping out of the end of the cartridge once the gun is warmed up. But insert the copper tube into the cartridge so the glue can be injected down into the metalwood. I used a propane torch to heat up the copper tube so that the melt ran through it easily. Once you get the hang of it the operation runs smoothly. Be careful to ensure you don't get the glue melt inside of the hosel I.D. I used the propane torch to allow the residue to run down into the club head before shafting up.