3M hot melt crossover and equivalent guide

3M carries a wide range of hot melt adhesives that satisfy a number of different applications. 3M products are know world wide as being well engineered and reliable, however, there they also tend to be on the high end of the spectrum in terms of price. We find that many of our customers are anxious to find alternatives to their current 3M adhesives.

3M Cross Reference Chart

Hotmelt.com has put together a little 3M hot melt cross reference guide of some of the most popular 3M hot melt products. The hot melt cross reference chart includes 3M hot melt and their equivalents by Ad Tech and Power Adhesives.

3M hot melt equivalent chart

Hotmelt.com also offers samples on crossover products for all of our lines so we can help find the best possible product and the lowest possible price for your application. If you are currently using a 3M hot melt that isn't on our cross reference guide and are interested in finding other options, don't hesitate to call 877.933.3343 or use our contact form.

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