12 Days of Christmas Adhesive Gifts

The holidays are upon us and Santa’s (and your) workshop are a-buzz with activity … and because every good project deserves the best tools, this is what we hope your boss got you on the 12 days of Christmas Adhesives.

1. One Infinity Bond PUR Gun: If you only get one gift this year, we believe the Infinity PUR glue gun will bring you great cheer. This quick heating gun, with no cord in sight, is lightweight and agile for projects day or night.

2. Two Infinity WW60 PUR Cartridges: PUR glue guns need PUR glue, which is why this general-purpose adhesive is the hot melt for you. It’s versatile and strong, and will almost never serve you wrong.

3. Three-Piece Surebonder Battery Hybrid-120 Glue Gun: This is the most portable glue gun for craftsmen on the run. We know you like to work at a fast pace, which is why this hybrid glue gun comes with a battery, power cord, and case.  

4. Four Glue Gun Accessories: Spring Balancer Positioners, Wood Repair Tools, Pressure Regulators, and Silicon Matts are a sampling of stocking stuffers for the hardest workers and happiest crews. There are lots of items to choose from, we’ve only named but a few. 

5. Five Minute Epoxy: This five-minute epoxy will have your project done before you can say Saint Nick. The free-flowing viscosity and environmental resilience gives you just the trick.

6. Six Woodworkers A-Working: Six woodworkers a-working all chose Infinity WoodTAC. This is the perfect hot melt for almost any wood that needs affixed. Short open times and tackiness are best. These glue sticks also have great hot tack, to help you pick up any last-minute slack.

7. Seven Surfaces A-Sticking: The Infinity Surface Insensitive Super Glue can adhere any surfaces in sight. The cyanoacrylate adhesive also cures faster than a sprite. This adhesive’s instant bond is so effective you’ll think Santa turned your glue gun into a magic wand.

8. Eight Sprayers Spraying: For the sensitive soul, or sensitive surface, TEC Bond 420 General Purpose Sprayable Hot Melt can be put to the test. The smooth application and long open time, are great for packaging, upholstery, foams and the rest.

9. Nine Tough Guys Flexing: Santa knows that nothing is impossible, which is why he made Infinity Tough Guy Hot Melt Sticks. No application is impossible, no atmosphere to extreme.  These sticks are made to well … stick, stick, stick.

10. Ten Minutes A-Waiting: Ad Tech Sprayable Delayed Tack Hot Melt gives you the time you need, to organize, and place, and set your project with ease. Set and reposition all your work, with plenty of time to work out any quirks.  

11. Eleven Benches Mounted: TEC 6100 and 7100 Bench Mount Kits give perfectionists delight. These gorgeous glue gun holders make even the most pristine benches look a little bolder.

12. Twelve 3M Nozzles A-Gluing: If a gift for each day is sure to delight, 3M specialty nozzles can help you keep your adhesions tight. With three-hole spreaders, and “T” tips, and “L” tips, and extenders, fluted tips, and mini tips, and slotted spreaders, there’s something for everyone and every day of the season, so what are you waiting for, get to selecting! 

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