Surebonder 10530 Credit Card Peelable Glue


Product Highlights

  • Industry: Marketing
  • Brand: Surebonder
  • Options: 4 Cartridges or 24 Cartridge Case
  • Set Time: Long

Surebonder AT-10530 Credit Card Glue Overview

This specialty adhesive is perfect for hanging posters and paper as you can re-position them when necessary. This temporary hold glue is commonly known as credit card glue, booger glue, gummy glue and is great for it's peel-able feature. Ideal for using in multiple marketing applications. Perfect for gift baskets and magazine, brochure and letter inserts.

This Surebonder adhesive is a unique fugitive glue that is commonly referred to as gummy glue. This PSA hot melt is perfect for your marketing endeavors. We at like this adhesive so much we find ourselves using it to hang up notes in our cubes and offices. We are thinking gummy glue could come in handy this holiday season for hanging up holiday decorations too.

Surebonder's Credit Card Peelable Glue is great for using on multiple marketing applications. Great for attaching postcards, samples, credit cards, posters, etc.

Features of Surebonder AT-10530

  • Peelable
  • Resealable
  • Pouch seal adhesive

Dispensing Surebonder Gummy Glue

Surebonder's AT-10530 peelable fugitive glue comes in aluminum cartridges that fit Surebonder's PRO100 Specialty Hot Melt Gun. The PRO100 Specialty Hot Melt Gun from Surebonder is a great gun for dispensing pressure sensitive adhesives that are not generally available in a stick. The Surebonder PRO100 has adjustable temperature settings of high or low and to keep your work space clean the guns heater has a drip catcher.

If you have any questions about Surebonder's Credit Card Peelable Glue please give us a call 877.933.3343 or contact us here.  

Replacement for Surebonder AT-10154

This Surebonder AT-10530 cartridge is a perfect replacement for the discontinued AT-10154 gummy glue cartridges.


  • Softening Point: 172°F
  • Working Time: Long
  • Viscosity / Centipoises: 850 cps @ 350°F
  • Color: Yellow
  • Shape: Cartridge
  • Temperature of Glue Gun: 300°F and 350°F

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