TEC 3200 Heavy Duty Hot Melt Glue Gun




High Temperature
High Temp
Low Temperature
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Variable Temperature
Variable Temp


  • Works With: 1 3/4" Glue Slugs
  • Use: Heavy Duty
  • Brand: Power Adhesives
  • Part Number: TEC 3200
  • Options: Variable Temp (Modules)

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Price: $397.00

This product has been discontinued. It's been replaced by Power Adhesives TEC 3400.

Power Adhesives TEC 3200 Overview

The TEC 3200 from Power is one of our very favorite hot melt guns. For the price, this workhorse of a glue gun may be the best value out there. It dispenses up to 8lbs of hot melt per hour as a completely electric unit. Excellent for mid and high volume applications, this gun also has a variety of temperature control modules that can be interchanged to adapt to specific hot melt adhesives and applications. 

The TEC 3200 is extremely robust and features electronic temperature control.  Easily, control the temperature by inserting plug-in temperature modules.  The TEC 3200 industrial glue gun features automatic standby and has a power on light.  This glue gun is not pneumatic so there is no need for an air compressor and you still get a high output per hour.

Still need more power? Check out the big brother of the TEC 3200, the pneumatic TEC 6100 for even more output.

Power Adhesives TEC 3200 Accessories

  • Slotted Spreader Nozzle (ADJ004) 
  • Standard Nozzle (ANZ016)
  • Spreader Extension Nozzle (ADJ012) 
  • Angled Extension Nozzle (ADJ013) 
  • Precision Extension Nozzle (ADJ014) 
  • 2 Hole Nozzle (ADJ015)
  • 3 Hole Nozzle (ADJ016)
  • 'L' Nozzle (ADJ017) 
  • 'T' Nozzle (ADJ018)



Power Adhesives TEC 3200 Glue GunSpecifications

  • Melt Rate: 3.5kg (8lbs)/hr
  • Stick Size: 43mm (1¾") glue cartridge
  • Voltage: 120V and 230V
  • Wattage: 400W
  • Heater: Cartridge
  • Temperature Control: Electronic plug-in temperature modules
  • Hot Melt Temp: 195°C (380°F) fitted, 130°C (265°F) and 215°C (420°F) modules included
  • Cable Length: 3M (10ft)
  • Weight: 1.15kg (2½lbs)
  • Packaging: Plain box