Infinity Show Dog Paintless Dent Repair PDR Hot Melt Sticks


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Product Highlights

  • Type: High Performance PDR Hot Melt Stick
  • Bonds: Metal and Painted/Varnished Surfaces
  • Temperature: High Temperature
  • Stick Size: Available in 1/2" Sticks

Infinity Show Dog PDR Hot Melt Glue Stick Overview

Infinity Show Dog paintless dent repair (PDR) hot melt glue sticks are formulated to provide the perfect amount of tack and release strength under the widest range of temperatures. Show Dog is the glue stick of choice for standard dent pulling applications by hundreds of professional PDR technicians in the field.

Show Dog PDR Highlights

  • Excellent strength and release ratio.
  • Formulated based on feedback from real PDR technicians.
  • Outperforms higher priced products on the PDR market.
  • High performance, works on a wide range of surfaces under many conditions.

The Complete Line of Infinity PDR Glue Sticks

  • Show Dog PDR - Premium PDR, excellent tack and strength characteristics.
  • Black Dog - time tested formulation. A favorite among many PDR techs.
  • Sun Dog PDR - higher melting point for high temperature conditions
  • Mutt PDR - for difficult environments or high humidity/moisture areas.
  • Sample Pack - try a variety of PDR glue sticks with the Infinity PDR sample pack.

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