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  • Use: Bookbinding
  • Includes: Bulk Glue Gun | Adhesive | Nozzle

Complete Hot Melt Bookbinding Kit Overview

Our Bookbinding kit has everything needed to help you put together those bestsellers!  The kit offers an easy to set up system to create your own personalized books and covers. Our kit includes: 

Glue Machinery Champ 3

The Gun

The Champ 3 is a bulk dispensing hot glue gun that is made for industrial dispensing, making it the perfect choice to assist in bookbinding.  It has a 5 ounce melt tank and the melt rate of 1 lb. per hour. Since it is a bulk dispensing hot melt gun it will allow you to save money by being able to buy bulk melt instead of glue sticks.  

The Glue

The bulk glue selected for this kit, TEC Bond 1241F, was specifically formulated for bookbinding. This top notch spine glue has a long open time and is able to adhere to wide variety of paper and cover stocks.

The Glue Gun Nozzle

The 5 Hole Spreader Nozzle allows you to lay down a beautiful even coat to the book spine. You can also plug holes in the nozzle to adjust to various spine sizes.  

Please contact us with any more questions about our Bookbinding Kit and go ahead and check out our blog post about Book Binding.

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