High Volume Tabletop Hot Melt Roll Coater - 6", 12" and 18"


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Product Highlights

  • Features: Larger Reservoir Roll Coater
  • Sizes: 6", 12", 18" - Up to 50" Custom
  • Contact Us with Questions or for Customizations

About This Simple, High Volume Tabletop Hot Melt Roll Coater

The Big Roll Series hot melt roll coater is an industrial, easy to use adhesive applicator with a larger reservoir for high demand applications. This version is a tabletop model meaning it can be moved easily and placed on any flat surface (mounted version available here). The larger hot melt reservoir can hold 1 LB of adhesive per roll inch allowing it to keep up with even the most demanding applications. This hot melt roll coater is available in 6", 12" and 18" sizes and can be custom built to a size up to 50".

The Big Roll is standard with an easy to use on/off switch and motor start button. The Big Roll Series roll coaters also have an electronic circuit that prevents the motor from starting until the hot melt has been brought up to temperature. 

The High Volume Tabletop Hot Melt Roll Coater is extremely easy to use. Simply plug the unit into any standard 120 volt outlet, bring it up to temperature and start gluing. 

Additional Features

  • 4 1/2″ diameter rolls increases the reservoir size. Big Rolls hold 1lb of glue per inch of roll length.
  • Additional heating power
  • Under temperature protection
  • Delta Microprocessor temperature controls with digital display
  • Brother International AC gear motors
  • Minarik VFD variable frequency (variable speed) electronic drives
  • The unique “EZ-Just” cam actuated doctor blade
  • Large reservoirs
  • #35 chain drive

Hot melt roll coaters are a great way to evenly apply hot melt across a wide surface. This adhesive can be pressure sensitive, fugitive or even more traditional hot melt formulations.

* Customizations are available, contact us for details. 

Available Accessories

  • Knurled Roll - Available Upon Request
  • Hold Down Roll - $450 + $25 per inch ($50 per inch double sided)
  • Non-powered hold down roll - $900 + $25 per inch ($50 per inch double sided)
  • Pick Bar - $350
  • Picks - $40



  • 6”- 75lbs. (34 kilo.)
  • 12”: 95lbs. (43 kilo.)
  • 18”: 120lbs. (54 kilo.)


  • 6”: 19”x 16” x 6” (48x40x15 cm.)
  • 12”: 25”x16”x 6” (63x40x15 cm.)
  • 18”: 31”x16”x6” (79x40x15 cm.

Reservoir Volume:

  • 6”: 180 cu. in. (2950 cu. cm.)
  • 12”: 360 cu. in. (5900 cu. cm.)
  • 18”: 540 cu. in. (8850 cu. cm.)

Additional Information

  • Roll Speed: 0-35 rpm / 0-40 surface ft. per min. (0-12 meters per min.)
  • Temperature range: Ambient- 450 F (232 C)
  • Power supply: All Big Roll’s have a variable frequency drive and can be made in either 120V or 220 volt.

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